Monday, October 10, 2011

Blessed be the Genecrafters.

So, I have finished all the modelling work on the Kill Servitors.  I tried to make each one a little different, but did not want to sway too far from a feeling of mass production and thus standardization.

Here's a close-up of one pair the right one pretty simple, the left one with creepy mouth tubes. The brass Aquilas are from the Forge World etched brass sprue.  A great buy for any Imperial player.  It comes with a nice variety of sizes and plenty of quantity.

Here's another pair, with another standard one and one with a respirator mask which I greenstuffed onto its face.

And last the bone 'ead with his bionics, Mechanicus seal, big fist knife, and expanded control module so commands can be relayed to the squad.

Been playing them squad on squad against some of my brother's Blood Angel units and I like how they have been performing.  I can see them being useful in certain situations for sure.  Fun to use in general it will seem.  I like the feeling of beating those Space Vampires in close combat.

Next up I will probably be building another Missile Launcher heavy weapons squad.  Then everything I have will be built and I can focus on painting and doing terrain.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just because....

  Just because I absolutely despise abhumans... The whole "Suffer not the Mutant to Live" and whatnot.  Though I have always wanted to build something to stand in for Ogryns and Ratlings.  Here we have what I have begun as my Vat grown, gene bulked Kill Servitors which are to use the ogryn rules.  I started out with Ogre bodies which a friend of mine gave me.  I added some preliminary armor plating first, I am going to do some more work with it so it does not look so plain. 

Here's the bone 'ead stand in, complete with Mechanicus seal on hit armor and giant spiked gauntlet.  They all have half of a cadian flamer tank on their back which house a control and stimm dispenser system.  This accounts for their stubborn and furious charge.  They do as they are told since they are servitors.  The lead one has a larger back unit with a receiver and is a hub through which the entire unit is controlled.  I plan on varying all of their heads, some with rebreathers and the like, more bionics.

Here's a shot of one of the guns modified from a grenade launcher and a bunch of styrene.

What's still to be done:
-Armor detail
-straps for armor and backpacks
-armor for the sides of their chests
-green stuffing