Wednesday, April 22, 2015

BFG: Oberon Battleship

Another Battleship for the fleet.  This time an Oberon class.  I know, not the most competitive, but I'd like to have one ship of each class.  I still have an Apocalypse class and an Ark Mechanicus to paint up, so that will do it for my Battleships eventually.  Anyway, let me present, the Void Warden.  

I tinkered with the bridge a bit on this one and instead of one of the crazy huge figureheads added an Admiral's Bridge with an etched brass aquila above on the communication masts.  I used some chaos lances on the dorsal line since those are my favorite style of turret by far.  Lastly it's got a huge stripe to denote it as the fleet command ship.  As if this visual cue would be necessary with all the codes she'd be blasting out into space.  Another note is this is the first battleship where I replaced the stem with 1/8 inch brass rod.  No more breaking!

A close up of the bridge(s).  The Admiral's bridge is part of a Chaos bridge. Does this mean I can ignore the first Bridge Smashed result?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Let 'em Burn!

I hope you didn't really think that I was serious about ending the blog.

Here's a quick filler post.  Last August I made some tealight smoke markers.  Hard to take a picture of, but I'm sure you get the gist.

You can obviously use them on or off, but it's just so much more cinematic with them flickering.  I've got 6 more of the tea lights but I need more stuffing before I can make any more.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dust Warfare: Frontoviki

More Soviet infantry this week.  Again these were painted in late 2014, I just never took pictures.  These guys are a Soviet Battle Squad.  Frontline infantry, but they come with some decent firepower in the form of their 2 machine guns.  They are not Red Guards like the last unit I posted, so they are equipped a bit differenty.  Most noticeably their armor looks different, but also they wear a simpler and more utilitarian looking uniform.  I went with a Soviet styled amoeba camoflage for their coveralls and Russian Green for their helmets and armor.  I started chipping the armor with sponges on this squad and went back and did it on the Red Thunder.  I still need to do so to my Axis units as well.  

I've got 2 continual complaints on the Dust infantry models.  One is the soft plastic and the other is a lack of detail in most of the facial sculpts that makes them a bit difficult to paint.  I do enjoy the overall look of most of the units though, so I am more than happy to deal with these two, perceived flaws.

Sergei says shoot that way.

Unfortunately, this could be my last post on the blog.  It takes a lot of extra time to take so many photos and I've had less time for the hobby in general.  It's been a nice ride anyway.