1st Platoon

Command Squad
 Here is the command squad for my first Infantry Platoon,  I kept it simple with only a vox and the Platoon Standard.  I figure that I can swap out special weapons as needed.  Still need to re-base the Color Sgt.

First Squad, First Platoon
 A squad of Cadet Commissars is the first squad in this Platoon.  Orphans of Cadia, they will one day complete their Commissariate training under the company's Commissars.

Second Squad, First Platoon
 A standard infantry squad, not too much special about it except for the Sergeant's eye patch.

Third Squad, First Platoon
Another infantry squad,  this one with some more customizations.  The Sergeant's  chainsword is from one of the metal Commissar models and his head is from a SM scout.  There is a guardsman with a head wound and another holding his knife in his hand.  Also there is a flame at the end of the flamer.

Fourth Squad, First Platoon
 My most recently painted infantry squad.  Sergeant has a purity seal, a power sword from another Commissar and a bolt pistol.  A few extra bits thrown in there and some Dragon forge bases mixed in.  Also decided to use a SM flamer to mix it up.

Fifth Squad, First Platoon
 This is the first squad of Cadians I ever painted.  It's also the first time I used greenstuff, just on the Sergeant. He has a beret and a bandage on his leg.  These was probably about 7 years old.

SWS 1, First Platoon
 The first SWS, which is full of some sneaky snipers.  Two of the old metal Cadian Snipers and one plastic one made from the command squad sprues.  It also features my first two guard models, a pair of Old School Cadians which I got when I was starting space marines.  I really debated repainting these, but in the end wanted to do them some more justice.  I neglected to photo the old paintjob, which is my only regret with the choice.

SWS 2, First Platoon
 The second SWS, plasma for the win.  The guy with the chainsword rolled his armor save and got a knife stuff in his shoulder guard.

HWS 1, First Platoon
 First HWS which can be made to have Lascannons, Autocannons, or Heavy Bolters.  I only have the Lascannons painted at this time.

HWS 2, First Platoon
Second HWS, a trio of Hunter-Killer RPG teams.  Make sure you check your sectors or they will blow your vehicles to bits.