Monday, June 30, 2014

The Baneblade ZEAL

The Baneblade, the pinnacle of armored warfare in the 41st millennium.  The stories tell of their might, a single squadron can hold off entire companies of enemy armor.  They are a rare beast these days, their loss is keenly felt and difficult to replace.  An entire war was waged to recover Commissar Yarrick's Baneblade The Fortress of Arrogance.

I got my Baneblade kit soon after they were released and painted it not much after that.  Over the last few years it was really showing its age, and I decided last year to repaint it.  I posted then that I was stripping it of its old paint and earlier this year I finally got around to slapping on a new paint job.  Zeal  is again ready to go to war for the Imperium and now I don't even have to only use it in Apocalypse.  Though the best part is seeing it with all the techniques I have learned since the last time I painted the tank.

Here it is now.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Knights of the Order of Thanatos

Yet again I have to introduce a post after such a long hiatus from the blog.  It's been quite a while since I have updated this blog with the idea of re-shooting my model collection.  That has not happened, but I have not been idle.  As I mentioned back then I did repaint my Baneblade, Zeal, though I failed to take any pictures until today.  In the meantime the release of the Imperial Knight kit by Games Workshop really got me fired up and into painting mode.  My friend Kevin and I immediately decided to order some of them and I would paint them to match.  We've always wanted to start a Titan Legion, but have never spent the cash, so this was a pretty awesome second chance.  We each ordered a Knight and I also ordered a Dreamforge Leviathan, not knowing it would be far too large to join our Knightly Order and will instead he the founding member of a Titan Legion.  In exchange for painting his Knight, Kevin paid for some of my order and also got the expanded decal set.  Three months later and I have finally kept up my end of the bargain and finished the Knights.  Not for lack of effort though as April was the only month I really did not work on them.  But we are going to have an Apocalypse game soon and I really wanted to have them done for that, even if they will be on opposite sides of the conflict.

Without anymore senseless blather, here they are, face to face, ready to fight.

The Imperial Knight is a really fantastic kit and a dream to build and paint.  The only thing I would ask for is a bit more freedom in the legs.

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