Battlefleet Vengeance

It is a time of great unrest for the Imperium of Man, for it is beset on all sides by traitors, aliens, and the Archenemy.  The Segmentum Pacificus is in flames as splinter fleets of Chaos hordes are scattered about the stars destroying all before them.  Though scattered by defeat the enemy is still a sizable threat.  While the surface armies are prosecuted by the 14th Task Force the enemy in the void is pursued by Battlefleet Vengeance. 

The fleet was founded half way through M37 under Grand Admiral Varakus Mor and has been used as a large scale engagement force ever since.  While most other fleets are scattered about their Sectors on patrol Battlefleet Vengeance is a dedicate response force, ready to be deployed anywhere in the Segmentum to bolster the local Navy forces.  It's record is laden with victories and citations, for only the largest hostile fleets can ever hope to stand before such a force.  The size of the fleet is a double edged sword for those worlds saved from doom by it's response.  For such a fleet can blast away any foe, but such a grand fleet also requires a grand amount of resources.  Many a world has paid a heavy tithe to the Emperor's Most Holy Navy in order to resupply the Battlefleet in both material and human resources.