Thursday, December 29, 2011


Lots of schoolwork last semester, not much time for anything else.  New year and semester means new posts.
Going to be attending some tournaments again in the early part of 2012, so that will motivate gaming and painting quite a bit for me.  Look forward to some chimeras or weapons teams painting posts come next month.

Happy Gaming

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blessed be the Genecrafters.

So, I have finished all the modelling work on the Kill Servitors.  I tried to make each one a little different, but did not want to sway too far from a feeling of mass production and thus standardization.

Here's a close-up of one pair the right one pretty simple, the left one with creepy mouth tubes. The brass Aquilas are from the Forge World etched brass sprue.  A great buy for any Imperial player.  It comes with a nice variety of sizes and plenty of quantity.

Here's another pair, with another standard one and one with a respirator mask which I greenstuffed onto its face.

And last the bone 'ead with his bionics, Mechanicus seal, big fist knife, and expanded control module so commands can be relayed to the squad.

Been playing them squad on squad against some of my brother's Blood Angel units and I like how they have been performing.  I can see them being useful in certain situations for sure.  Fun to use in general it will seem.  I like the feeling of beating those Space Vampires in close combat.

Next up I will probably be building another Missile Launcher heavy weapons squad.  Then everything I have will be built and I can focus on painting and doing terrain.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just because....

  Just because I absolutely despise abhumans... The whole "Suffer not the Mutant to Live" and whatnot.  Though I have always wanted to build something to stand in for Ogryns and Ratlings.  Here we have what I have begun as my Vat grown, gene bulked Kill Servitors which are to use the ogryn rules.  I started out with Ogre bodies which a friend of mine gave me.  I added some preliminary armor plating first, I am going to do some more work with it so it does not look so plain. 

Here's the bone 'ead stand in, complete with Mechanicus seal on hit armor and giant spiked gauntlet.  They all have half of a cadian flamer tank on their back which house a control and stimm dispenser system.  This accounts for their stubborn and furious charge.  They do as they are told since they are servitors.  The lead one has a larger back unit with a receiver and is a hub through which the entire unit is controlled.  I plan on varying all of their heads, some with rebreathers and the like, more bionics.

Here's a shot of one of the guns modified from a grenade launcher and a bunch of styrene.

What's still to be done:
-Armor detail
-straps for armor and backpacks
-armor for the sides of their chests
-green stuffing

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Squads Ready for War

So, after a rather long hiatus I have finally finished some work on two squads of troops for my Imperial Guard army.  I decided to work on two squads at once this time, a batch paint of 20 guardsmen.  It ended up taking much longer than I expected since school started and Space Marine and Gears came out.  All told I think that I put about 10 nights into working on them for times varying from 1-3 hours.  Tonight I finally got to finish basing, naming them, and painting on their unit numbers.  My citadel clear coat has died on me, seems like the propellant went bad, so I went with 2 coats of Testors Dullcoat.  Their names and ranks have been recorded in a roster I made up on my computer.

First up is my latest Infantry Squad, led by Sgt. Zack Haislett.  Prettt basic equipment.  They've got a flamer, voxcaster, and a few have some krak grenades as well.  The flamer is from a catachan box, one trooper has a Death Korps backpack, the Sergeant has a modified Space Marine bolt pistol and the powersword from one of the Commissars.  They are based some with just flocking and a couple have some Dragon forge bases.

Just a closeup of the sergeant with his powersword, bolt pistol, and even a purity seal.

I gave the guy throwing a grenade a potato masher which I got with some 1/35 German infantry a couple years back.

The RCO is holding the map that come with the Cadian Command squad sprues, I painted on a river, some streets, and some battle lines.  Time to call in some artillery support.

Next up is a veteran squad with 3 magnetized special weapons troopers and a catachan vox unit.

The guys with special weapons also have the option to be equipped with melta guns, I just did not take a picture with them.

Next I will just show the different arms I magnetized for the sergeant, I used a Cadian command set to make most of this squad, as well as some catachan legs to vary the poses a bit.  He has a las, bolt, and plasma pistol and either a powersword or powerfist.

I changed the pose of the arm a bit as I wanted him to be either rallying his squad or urging them forward.

Then there is the powerfist, it fits on the left arm usually but with a little cutting I switched it to a left arm weapon so it could just swap out with the PS.  I also added a wire because I felt it was missing something.

So, that is it for now.  Next I will either be painting my Chimera transports or working on some terrain that I have been waiting on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's okay.

I'm still alive.  I just haven't finished anything in awhile.  I am almost done with the next set or models so expect an update within the next few days or week.

The Emperor Protects.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Siluria - A Scratch Build

So, with the 2010 FAQ and additional ships just out there floating around awaiting a GW stamp and post, I decided my Battlefleet needed a Siluria Class Light Cruiser.  It's a nice light cruiser all around.

I thought a Siluria should be a bit smaller than a Dauntless, considering it doesn't need space for torpedo or lance systems.

The first thing I did was draw up a picture of about what I thought the vessel should look like.  It's pretty fast, so it should have lots of engines.  It's a light cruiser, so it should not be too large, etc.  The main things were fist, the prow, and second the weapons batteries.  Since it's an early Imperial ship design, I did not want to make the prow as large as some of the newer light cruisers.  With the Dauntless as my guide I drew up this narrower smaller prow.  For the weapons batteries I wasn't sure if I was going to make it compatible with the GW sprues or make my own. I drew both.

Next, I cut out the basic hull shape from plasticard, here it is with a Dauntless for comparison.  Slightly shorter, but a bit taller.

Next I went to work on the prow, when I make a prow I first cut out the shapes I want for the profile, the top, the bottom and the back.  Then I fill this with milliput.  Once that has cured I sand it all smooth.

I decided to make my own weapons batteries.  Onto a rectangle of plasticard I glued pieces of sprue and then used mostly strip styrene to add details. The guns themselves are 2 thick small pieces of plasticard which I drilled holes into.

The next thing I did was make the "wing," a common feature of Imperial Navy vessels. It's practically all plasticard and strip styrene, along with some Aquilas and GW kit antennas.

Today, I started out by beginning to bulk up the hull.  I added width to the rear section, added the vertical "wing" and the engine exhausts. No details yet.

I also added the piping to the prow, along with some etched brass eagle's wings.  I decided against an eagle's head or skull on the fact it's an older Imperial ship and they tended not to have such things based on what is shown as chaos ships.

Lastly here is a shot of the whole thing blue-tacked together.

I still need to finish detailing and fleshing out the hull, and add some details to the engines.  I will have to detail the bottom of the prow as well.  The most major thing I have to do is to build the bridge.  In order to duplicate the weapons battery, as well as this ship as I would like more than one, I will be getting a casting kit from the hobby shop sometime soon.

Hope you enjoyed the post, that's all I have for today.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little time off.

So for the last month or so I have done nothing concerning this hobby of ours.  I played maybe 2 games, and spent the last two weeks in southern Florida mostly doing some sport fishing and visiting family and friends. 

Now, my gaming group is planning a campaign for the summer.  We are going to try out a combines 40k and Battlefleet Gothic campaign.  We've never done anything like this so it will be interesting to see how it goes.  Couple that with the fact that one of my friends will be playing Eldar and another will be using his new Ork forces.  I have never played against either of these fleets in BFG and seldom play them in 40k, and I am looking forward to both.  I will be using my Imperial Guard and the Standard Imperial fleet.  My brother is going to add some Space Marine ships to his Imperial fleet list for his Blood Angels. 

Our campaigns usually go really well for a month or so and then usually die out rather quickly after that.  I think that playing 2 different systems will help the campaign last longer, or I am wrong and it will kill it faster.  They don't usually last long because one player usually becomes dominant rather quickly(usually because we have 5 players and not 4) and because we get sick of playing the same thing every week. 

I spent a little time over the last few days reviewing the Ork, Space Marine, and Eldar fleets.  They all have some interesting features. Orks are unpredictable in firepower, but their better weapons hit with 2 damage.  They have 6/5/4 for armor and mostly only 1 shield, but the cruisers seem to have 10 hit points each.  Space Marines are better at boarding than the standard Imperials, but the SM specific ships are expensive.  The one thing they really have going for them is their bombardment cannons which hit like a lance (4+) and critical on a 4+ instead of only on a 6.  Eldar also seem a bit quirky to play or face.  They move based on the sun, and move twice per turn, move, shoot, move again.  They have really good weapons, but with short range, and much better torpedoes and strike craft.  They do not however have shields, instead having holo fields.  These cause a negative shift for gunnery and everything else needs to get past a 2+ save.  Barring that their ships have only 6 points of damage. 

For Orks I think that ordnance and lances will do well, since they have few shields and turrets but for the Eldar weapons batteries will be key as well as corralling the enemy ships.  The player using Eldar has a love of carriers and strike craft, and will probably hang back quite a bit.  This could work to my advantage.  I will need to take carriers of my own to counter his bombers, but that seems almost a waste.  I will have to see.

Anyone familiar with playing against anything other than Imperial or Chaos fleets could help me out by letting my know if some of my assumptions are correct.

Sorry, no pictures today.  I am painting up my last 2 unpainted BFG cruisers though, and I have ordered 2 more plastic cruisers to magnetize and a squadron of Sword frigates to paint up and I still have to paint my Ramilles.  So, you can expect some BFG related posts for the first half of the summer.  After that I will in all likelihood go back to painting my guardsmen once I get more magnets and finish building my latest vet squad.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


 Not much to say this week.  Got a Ramilles Starfort for my birthday a few weeks ago. 
It was a pretty awesome model, and pretty huge for BFG.  It's as wide as an Imperial battleship is long, about 5 inches or so. 
The Knight is watching over it for now.  I'll be painting this and the knight over the coming weeks.  My friend is going to order a Warhound this summer and has asked me to build and paint it for him.  I am greatly looking forward to this project.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Praise the Omnissiah!

 So, after a little bit more work here's the next update.  This one is up to date, as I just took these photos.  I have added a grille and some more sensors to the snout, as well as some steps and a handle for the hatch on the cockpit.  I've also glued on most of the kit's armor, though the shin guards are just snapped on for the photo.  It will be easier to paint with them off.  I still need to add some armor to the front of the thighs.
 I have added and armor shroud above the neck today, it's still a bit rough and needs sanding and some raised details.  The antenna is also new.  The ammo box on the Gatling cannon is magnetized so I can take it off when I use the turbo laser.  I plan on getting some of those linked ammunition that I had mentioned in an earlier post to have coming out of the box.

Just a bit from the back, added some engine bits from a scale car kit.  Nothing much to note here really.  The back already had a nice bit of detail.
And lastly the storm bolter on the sword arm.  It comes from the old, old Leman Russ kit.  The ammo line is from a stash I got from an old vietnam era huey kit I had as a young child.

Titan Knight?

 So, last weekend I got started on my Dreadknight to Knight Titan conversion.  I cut off the mount where the Terminator sits, I also removed those ridiculous cylinders on the hips and ankles.  Then, I extended the torso by 3/4" using plasticard and plastic piping as a frame. After this I made some weapons, and mounted them to the elbow of the left arm.  The first one is some sort of turbo laser type of weapon, it can be seen above.  The next is a gattling blaster, seen below.  After that I got to work on the cockpit.  The first take can be seen in the first picture, but this was too big, so after cutting it down I remounted it below.
 I also used the servo arms for the overhead hydraulics to extend the legs and have them more resemble those of a Warhound Titan.  This brought the Height up to about 5 1/2"
 Since these photos, some more has been done, including the armor plates and details for the torso and cockpit.  I will update this with some of the new photos later.
So, please let me know what you think at this point.  I know the cockpit looks a bit disproportionate here, but we'll see when all the details and armor are added.  This is the smallest I can make it and still have it be reasonably sized for a crewman to sit inside. 
I will be drawing some stats at some point.
Comments? Criticism? Hate?

-The Emperor Protects

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flawless Defeat

So, last week's crazy comp tournament went pretty terrible for me.  I ended up 0-3 with 2 massacred and one close game.  There were 18 players that day.  I'm not feeling too much in the way of writing about it, so I'll give some very basic summaries here.

I did tie for both Best Painted Army and Best Sportsmanship with the same guy. So, we ended up each getting 15 bucks and sharing both titles.  I used the money to help pay for a Cadian Command squad, which I am going to convert with some bits I've got into a veteran squad wit magnetized weapons options.

Game 1 Vs. Dark Eldar

This player had some beasts,wyches,  warriors, harlequins, a Venom, a Ravager, and a Raider.  Oh and a whole bunch of Jetbikes...
The Scenario was 2+D3 objectives, with table quarters.  We placed an objective in each quarter and one in the center.  I ended up winning the roll and chose this quarter as it had the best cover to line of sight ratio.  He reserved most of his army, so I spent the first turn shooting at his warriors on his quarter's objective.  I killed quite a few, his Ravager was out of LOS but I hit it with a Manitcore scatter, but his flicker field saved him.  He moved out on his turn an popped my Russ.  He also popped my Chimera moving toward the objective on my left.  Stranding some vets.  The vendetta dropped some vets on the objective ahead of me.  He brought in his harlequins turn 2 as well as a squad of Wyches.  The Harlequins did diddily, and the wyched cleared out the vets on the one objective.  The devil dog made popped the ravager in the center.  Killed some more warriors, and ran the vets to the leftward objective.  He got his raider and beasts in turn 2 they moved up on my right.  The vendetta was struck down and that's about it for his turn.  I get my devil dog to try and melta the raider and it fails epicly.  Lascannons kill the viper, rockets kill some wyches with fire on my target.  The manticore leaves the beast squad with no master and only 2 left.  He pops the devil dog  and makes grand assault.  2 squads of wyches go into my blob on 2 sides.  the Vets to the left are assaulted and destroyed.  By numbers alone one of the Wych units is taken out, but the other one takes out all but one of the blob's Commissars.  In the end I'm left with a Manticore with only a heavy bolter which is immobilised.  There were Dark Eldar everywhere....  I could not kill enough to make a big enough dent before the assault.

Game 2 Vs. Guard
This was the closest of my games and was also the most boring.  It was basically a slugfest, long range duel, but with little result.  Dawn of war, annihilation.
The only highlight of this game was my Platoon command with Commissar assaulting one of his veteran squads,  I wiped it out without taking a loss to my own unit.  They later got gunned down my heavy bolters.  The game ended up 7-6 in his favor, on turn 7.  The shooting was abysmal for both of us, the dice gods failed us both very much.  Had shooting been more effective, it would have been more spectacular and fun.


Game 3 Vs Orks
Spearhead 2 objectives+1st dead HQ
Orks, never played them before, this was my favorite one by far, something was always happening and something was always dying.  His Kustom force field allowed him to weather most of my arty against his vehicles, but they exploded only once they were already too close.  I may have killed his vehicles, but gork and mork was wit im.  He Waaghed pretty well and engaged almost my entire army at once.  His mega nobs took on my HQ and only the commander survived thanks to his 5+ invul.  In the end I had no vehicles left.  With only a plasma gun Spec Wep sqd and a platoon command, where as he had all 3 objectives and a crap ton of boyz.

Next month is 'Ard boyz style and my list is already coming along.  I played it against my friend and his Grey Knights last Wednesday and we drew.  I could have won, but waited one turn too long to break the armor Phalanx and advance some chimeras.  He's still got to get used to the army, so this week may be a bit harder to pull a draw.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tempest - The calm before the storm

     So, tomorrow I venture forth from Buffalo to go to my third tournament.  Today was pretty good, the Sabres have won, and they've just made the playoffs by getting it to overtime.  I've finished everything to be ready for the tourny tomorrow, which uses the rules from my previous post.
First up, this is something I just decided to do tomorrow, a carrying and display board for my army.  I used a piece of hard board we had laying around and slapped it together after I finished the manticore.  The road is plasticard, the walls styrofoam and some ballast and sculpter for various heights. Primed it black this morning and painted it after classes.  Lots of pigments used for to make the road look just right.  The stripes were masked in and dabbed with yellow so the cover is not even and they look worn.  I made a couple little posters for the walls and that's about it.  About 5-6 hours of work all told.  Not too bad, I'm glad I decided to do this.

     I've wanted to build something like this for quite some time, primarily for something to take my pictures on other than a black piece of paper.  So, this tournament and the board being available made a great excuse to do this.
     That being said, here's the Manitcore which I finished yesterday night,   I have named it Tempest. I am very pleased with the results,  I used the same methods as in my last tank Tough Bastard, for weathering and in the color scheme.
     I will tell you that I would not want that thing pointed in my direction.  I added the sensor group over the heavy bolter from the Vehicle Command sprue from GW.  I thought it looked much better than that dinky radar dish.
Here's the other side where is reads "We live to serve" on the access panel.  If you can notice I pin hinged the ordnance officer's hatch so you can open it and see inside.
     I forgot to put the blue and white checker on this guy yesterday and I was going to do it today, but I totally forgot and packed it away already.  Alas, it will be done when I get back tomorrow.  All of the rockets have something written on them, as we know people like to give a friendly, or not so friendly message to those who they are going to blow to bits.  "Cluster Fuck" on one since the Storm Eagle rockets are cluster munitions.  On the next is PacMan eating up some dots and it reads D3 Wakka, considering he wakkas when ever he eats a dot(template). "From Cadia with love" and "The 14th was here" on the other two
I wrote the Prayer of Smiting on this vehicle, from the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer.  In case you cannot see it, it reads;

Spirits in the Machine, Reward our Faith, and Smash the target.
     Here is the ordnance officer's compartment, this is the only viable angle to take a picture from, but you can look around much better in person.  You can see Killroy is in there, ever vigilent.  There's also an Aquila, a bunch of random text and "Kill em All!"
     That's all for today.  I got to playtest my new list this week and it performed much better than the last.  My friend pulled the luckiest roll I have ever seen, pulling me off the objective with a unit that only reached me because he rolled a 6 for his consolidation.  Wish me luck at Millenium, I'll probably need it.  Expect some battle reports on Sunday or whenever I have time.  I'll be taking some pictures this time so maybe we'll get to see some other armies.

-The Emperor Protects

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heavy Weapons Guys

Bahaha! Cry some more.

     Had to do some painting for next weeks tournament in Rochester as they are going to be scoring it.  I had two of these Lascannon Teams painted before, but not photographed.  The two older ones both have skulls magnetized to count their first wound.  I am out of magnets right now so the one on the left does not feature this yet.  I also have the autocannons and heavy bolters which I can swap out for the lascannons, but they are not painted yet.  Plus, I found this linked ammo in 1/6 scale 5.56, 7.62, and .50 which for 28 mm will translate well from autocannon up to something heavier.  It will be great to have this type of ammo for my autocannons.

     Next I have the missile teams which I wrote about in an earlier post.  They're all painted up and named.  I prefer missile launcher teams to be on small bases, but just to be more in line with the rules I made some 60mm bases from plasticard and air-drying sculpter.  They just pop in and out right now, but when we get more magnets they will be magnetized.  They fit pretty tight and it scratches the small base a bit to remove/insert them, but I will be able to fix this when I magnetize them.

     I also got all of the rebasing done for the army which I am taking to the tournament, which after last weeks playtest has been changed.  It really did not do well in its origional form,  I lost to my brother's Blood Angels and then to my friend's Space Wolves.  I'm going to be playing with my new list this week and I really think it's going to do a lot better than the last one.  We'll see.

     On another note I got a Dreadknight for 40 bucks at the local hobby shop.  It's 4 inches as built by instructions, but that's not as I am using it.  I plan on converting it into a Knight Titan, and it should stand about 5.5 inches when I am finished with it.  I will be adding some more bulk an height to the torso, and well as to the shoulders.  I have not decided if I am going to have the ranged weapon wrist mounted or to have it mounted as they do on the FW Titan kits.  I will be serioulsy bulking up the weapons provided to be more in line with a Titan weapon.  I'll also have to make up a set of rules, which should not be too hard.  This will be the start of the Legio Redemptus which is the Titan Legion my friend and I are planning on starting.  I'll be getting one or two more Dreadknights to convert in the future.  I'm also planning on buying a Reaver Titan *at some point.*  My friend is going to start out with a Warhound some time this year, then maybe another next year.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tournament Nears

Picture Unrelated, just some of my models in my display case at home.
     So, April 9th I will be going to my third tournament for this year, and in all time.  As with the other two I have attended it will be held at Millennium Games in Rochester, NY.  Only this time there won't be a snow storm and we wont end up in a snow bank. That was fun. It's okay, Jeep Wranglers have steel bumpers so there was no damage.  Here are the rules as posted at the daboyz forum.

Registration starts at 930 am

Points- 1850

Three rounds

Lunch after round 1

Format : Everything in your codex is considered 0-1 except troops.

Dedicated Transport 0-2

No named characters - This includes characters like Arjac.

Only 1 AV 14 in your army.

You can't take anything that modifies force org to make non-troop units into troops.

We will judge painting. There will be prizes for best painted HQ and Best painted vehicle/monsterous creature.

     To clairfy, you can only have 2 dedicated transports in your army, not 2 of each type.  It follows the standard force org, but you can only have 0-1 of each unit not 0-1 heavy total etc.  I believe you are allowed to take the units which may change the force org in their rules, but you cannot use that rule.

     This should be an interesting tournament and it will be neat to see what kind of builds people come up with.  At the other two tournaments most guard armies have gone with the mechanized melta vet spam which is to be expected.  For the second one, I myself partook and wound up 1-1-1 officially.  However the draw should have been a win, since for my own ignorance at the time I counted a 2 Tank Leman Russ Squadron as 2 kill points.  That game was against Spacewolves and was really a slugfest for both of us. So I should have been somewhere in the 3rd to 5th range, that was decided by dice off in the end. Alas I still got 5 bucks, and a good time, so it matter little.  I'll post further about that tourney next week.

     I've come up with a list more akin to something I would use in the past when playing in a more fluff like manner against my friends.  However I have taken into account what I have learned over the last few months and I think it should still be a competitive list.  We are going to have a couple practice games over the next few weeks so we'll see how that turns out.  I'll be posting my list and some battle reports after the tournament.  I wouldn't want any spies to know what to expect.  I will say one thing, beware the Sea of Bayonets, you had better know how to swim.

     I don't really know what to expect, but I think this list will leave me ready for just about anything.  Since painting is being judged I will need to scramble over the next 2 weeks to paint a few models, but mostly to finish rebasing those which I have not.

     Wish me luck comrades, though The Emperor Protects, I will need all the luck I can get for my cursed dice.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Orsus Zoktavir -  The Butcher of Khardov
     Today, I am going to show off a little bit of my Khador army,  and where else to start but with The Butcher of Khardov.  A beast of a man, very few could withstand his charge. Orsus was my first warcaster and one for the first models I painted for my battle group, and one of the most enjoyable.

When I first started this army I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to go for a muted camouflage theme or the Khador red.  I obviously ended up going with the red.  I was getting a little tired of painting in drab grays and greens, so I threw it to the wind and chose the red.  Not only that, I do a considerable bit of shading on these models, however I do it rather subtly, I am not really a fan of some of the extreme highlights out there. 

Kommander Sorscha

 Kommander Sorscha was the second caster which I used, though she was actually my first caster model.  I bought my friend's starter set and a squad of winter guard when he switched to Cygnar.  Traitor.  He sold it to me for 25 bucks, which was great, I think he just wanted me to get into Warmachine that much.  I don't use here all too often, but she's a pretty solid warcaster and has some nice abilities.  Not really too happy with the paint job on this one, just could not seem to get it right in my mind.
Karchev the Terrible

The second most used caster in my army, well most used if you count using him as a proxy juggernaut.  He is a real beast, warjack and caster all in one!  Amazing!  I really enjoyed painting this model.  The model is really great, but I did not like the cape thing so I did not include that.  He will ruin your day.


Here's my plastic warjack kit.  It's got all of the options magnetized, and I chopped off the other axe so it could have 2 fists and act as a kodiak.  I also have the metal Juggernaut and Destroyer from the starter kit.  All three of my jacks have lots of chipping, I like the look of both the old metal models and the plastic one, but you can't beat getting so many options with the plastic ones.

Man-O-War Shocktroopers
 Shocktroopers, a staple of Khador's forces.  These guys took forever to paint, it felt as if I was painting a unit of five light warjacks.  These guys are pretty good in game, but they really need an assault order, shield guns are a waste if you don't get to shoot them as you charge.

 Widowmakers are another great Khador unit, the sniper rule, and being able to automatically do 1 pt of damage is great.  Seeing as they are supposed to be snipers there is considerably less red on these models.  On their shoulder armor there is a red circle painted on with the Khador symbol inside of it.
I still need to get the solo model, it's pretty damn cool looking and seems to be pretty good in game as well.
Battle Mechaniks
Last up for today are my mechaniks, from what I hear there are to be new models, which is nice to add some variety, but I really like these models as they are.  Since two of them are the same I added some bits to make then more unique, such as the fire extinguisher and some wire and such. The extinguisher is made with half of a cadian flamer tank and some rubber coated wire.  The leader has the Khador symbol tattooed on his bare arm, as any good servant of the empire would.

So, there's a little look at some of my warmachine models.  I've got about 50 pts all told,  but I'm looking to get some more once I finish buying what I want for my Imperial Guard. 

Comments?  Suggestions?

For the glory of the Khadoran Empire!

On another note, I am not a fan of this new post publisher.  The pictures are a pain in the ass the arrange, and you have to edit the HTML to get Enter to work near them if they get too close.  I would really hope they fix this crap.  Not make it worse.