Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WH40k: Cadian Rough Riders

Hello again faithful readers. I am going to present to you today the reason I had to post a filler post the other week. I have finally finished the Rough Riders.  I have posted several work in progress posts on these guys in the past, from the time I built the first guy to the time I painted the horses.  Last weekend was the Buffalo Beef and Wing Brawl.  A local singles, highlander tournament held by a the Beef and Wing game club.  It's always a blast and this year it was the only tournament I attended.  So, I finally had a true reason to push these through as painting is judged.

The entire squad.

I have always wanted to have a cavalry squad, despite how poor they are cost wise.  Point for point I am better off using something else, but it's guys riding horses in the year 40,000 anf they have explosive lances.  They're just too 40k to pass up.

Standard bearer and Sergeant.  No real rules for the flag but hey, it looks  cool.

Painting the horses was a challenge as I have never had to paint anything remotely similar. I tried to add variety with the sergeant having the fanciest looking horse.  That said I feel now I could have done a better job.

These guys are also holding their pistols. One has a wounded arm and the other a bionic hand.

One thing I think I have improved during painting this squad is the process for infantry flesh.  I wrote down what I did so that I can repeat it and I think that of all of my squads they have the best flesh.

Magnetized riders with lances.

Two of the riders have megnetized arms allowing them to carry their lances, meltaguns, or plasma guns.  I scratch built all of the lances from some skeleton spears and plasticard.  The legs I bought from Curious Constructs.

With Melta guns.
I did a bit more chipping and gouges on their armor than I have in the past.  I hope that this helps to break the monotony of their flak jackets and helmets.  With my guardsmen I tend not to go too crazy on detail.  I save that for special characters and the like.

With plasma guns
Going forward I think I am happy with how the troopers look, but not so much some of the horses.  I will probably paint my remaining guardsmen in this fashion.  However, once I start on my mechanicus troops I will either use my airbrush to do zenithal shading or wet blend them for a much more finished look.  The focus of my guard is always the tanks and characters.  The endless masses of troops should just blend into gray.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


First time in a rather long time that I have nothing new to post.  The Rough Riders are one night away from done but I did not get to work on them as I got set back about 3 hours today.  I will most likely finish them Thursday or Friday. Until then. The Emperor Protects....

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review: Grex TG3 Combo

No new models this week.  I am going to write a quick review of the Grex combo kit I bought a few months ago.  Starting off I used to use the Testors Aztec diaphram compressor with whatever airgun they sent with that.  It worked okay for large areas and base coats.  Not the most even results all the time, but not terrible. From there I moved up to the Badger Anthem 155, great airbrush.  It has great control and consistency, but I still lacked a decent compressor and the Badger is no gravity fed.  Which, when paired with a lackluster compressor started leading to problems as I got into more advanced techniques like color modulation.

So, finally, I decided to step up and get a new compressor. Originally I was going to buy a tank compressor from a hardware store, but I really need a quiet compressor where I am living now.  So one day I stopped by my local hobby shop and talked to the owner about the grex kits he had in stock.  He was kind enough to let me try out the set he bought for himself and showed me some of the work he had used it for.  I really liked the pistol grip and got a sense of the sound the compressor generated.

With this in mind I told him I would be back the next week with the cash.  I will not lie, this set is not cheap, but he gave me a little bit of a discount, which I greatly appreciated.  About the price though, if you are seriously into this hobby, and really want a nice airbrush, buy this thing.

The compressor is very nice and quiet, it was less noisy than my TV at about 1/3 volume levels.  Next it has an automatic shutoff, so when you're not spraying, it stops running.  The hose is nice and flexible and does not hinder hand movement.  The attached pressure regulator and moisture trap are a great feature and something my old compressor did not have.  It's got suction cup feet which help dampen vibration and thus more noise.

Moving onto the airbrush.  This product is awesome!  The grip is so comfortable and easy to control, even for fine details.  This is one thing I was originally apprehensive about, will I get the same amount of control as I do out of the stylus?  Absolutely, and with more comfort!  All of the parts come apart super simple for cleaning and the pin is easy to change.  Paint comes off of the stainless coating very nicely. At least acrylic, I have not tried it with enamels or oils.  The adjust-ability of air and paint flow are great and you can go from base colors to fine line details in a few seconds.  The kit includes a quick detach for the brush that has another pressure regulator which helps facilitate this.  What I do is adjust the pressure at the compressor to suit the paint, then use the one at the gun to adjust more finely for spray area size.  These QD attachments are also available for other brushes and I bought one for my Badger Anthem as well.

All in all I say it's well worth it, and soon enough you will be seeing some of the results I have had using it.  Stay tuned!