Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scale: Panther Ausf. G

Here we have another scale model which I have modeled with my Dust Warfare axis in mind.  This time a 1/48 Tamiya Panther Ausf. G.  Or rather a Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf├╝hrung G.  I still have another one of these to build along with a Tiger II, but they are out of production.  Unfortunately this scale did not prove popular enough with many modelers.  There are no rules for this tank in game, nor have I tried to make any up as of yet, but surely I will at some point.

The main thing I have done to try and make this take look a little less typical is add the Infrared scope, which was an early form of night vision.  I got this off of one of my Axis walkers and tweaked it to fit as seen.

I used a hot piece of wire to melt a couple of dents into the frontal armor.  It bulges up the edges quite nicely.

This kit comes with a die cast metal lower hull, which gives it a nice heft when assembled.  It also includes a braided string to assemble to tow cables and allow them to lay more naturally.

One thing on the kit I was not happy with was the exhaust guards, the plastic was just too thick.  To remedy this I used them as a form and shaped my own from thin sheet copper.  This allowed them to be thinner, but also dent them up a bit.

I assembled the tracks with the wheels all unglued for painting and got them spot on the first time around.  Unfortunately I ended up dropping them.  I dropped one and it took some time to fix.  Once it was done I promptly knocked the other off the work table so it too could explode.  They just would not line up right the next few times I put them together.  It took a couple of hours of work to fix them. Only about 30 minutes for original assembly.  I was ready to throw the whole thing against a wall.

Here you can see some kill markings and the IR scope.

The scope is based on real German wartime technology, which was actually mounted on Panthers, though not as above.  I figure in Dust they have the 1 above the gun with screens inside that the crew can share.  Here you can see the real thing, an infrarot-scheinwerfer.  

The tank is called Die Barenjager or "The Bear Hunter." As in Russian bears, this tank fights on the eastern front.

Here's the commander, who is part of a set of resin commanders I got from Verlinden.  I added the radio headset and binoculars.  I actually painted the hat and pants in flecktarn, though it is hard to see here.  The MG has been updated to an MG44 with a gunshield.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WH40k: Aegis Defense Line

All that infantry needs some protection, so I've painted up my Aegis Defense line to help keep 'em all alive.  I have not used this set too often, but I really like the look of it and the quad autocannon.  I think I put this together and did all of the modelling work some time in 2013.  I went and did a lot of battle scarring and added a bit of details to the set to make it seem more unique.  Most notable on the walls I've used plasticard to show some of the shutters as being closed.

I spent a lot more time painting this than I had planned.  For terrain I usually just try and keep it simple.  I ended up doing all sorts of washing, grime, and pigments.  I think it was worth it.

More pictures after the break.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

BFG: Oberon Battleship

Another Battleship for the fleet.  This time an Oberon class.  I know, not the most competitive, but I'd like to have one ship of each class.  I still have an Apocalypse class and an Ark Mechanicus to paint up, so that will do it for my Battleships eventually.  Anyway, let me present, the Void Warden.  

I tinkered with the bridge a bit on this one and instead of one of the crazy huge figureheads added an Admiral's Bridge with an etched brass aquila above on the communication masts.  I used some chaos lances on the dorsal line since those are my favorite style of turret by far.  Lastly it's got a huge stripe to denote it as the fleet command ship.  As if this visual cue would be necessary with all the codes she'd be blasting out into space.  Another note is this is the first battleship where I replaced the stem with 1/8 inch brass rod.  No more breaking!

A close up of the bridge(s).  The Admiral's bridge is part of a Chaos bridge. Does this mean I can ignore the first Bridge Smashed result?