Saturday, January 19, 2013


I don't really care for Ogyrns, I mean sure they endearingly stupid and naive but they're abhumans.  So, here's my solution so that I can use Ogyrns in my army; Mechanicus constructed Murder Servitors.  They're big, they're mean, they have guns for hands.  I built these guys a while back (over a year ago I think) and I finally got around to painting them thanks to an ongoing challenge.  My friend Kevin and I have agreed to paint 1 unit a week for the foreseeable future, barring and sickness or vacations.  If one of us fails to complete something in a given week, then we owe the other $20.  The first week I painted my Recon Grenadiers and he finished his Cygnar Stormwall.  Last week he painted his Mordhiem Warband and I started these guys.  I did not get too much done and wound up owing him 20 bucks.  This week I spent 4 nights working on these guys and finished them!

Here they are ready to murder your troops!

All that skin and muscle detail is the reason they took so long, I will say that I would never want to paint an Ogre army...

That's it for now, next week I am going to try and paint my rebuilt Mordhiem warband.  Last time I used Empre State Troops. I wanted a grittier look so I have remade them using Empire Militia and Empire Greatswords.  I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not dead, but I am in Mordheim

My brother and I have not worked on much in a while, so tonight we got the balsa planks he ordered out and made up some terrain for Mordheim.  I made the stilt bridge in the middle and the barricades beneath it and he built all the crazy boardwalks.  We use these to connect terrain pieces while we place, usually buildings and usually only when we play Mordheim.  It just needs some wood stain and it's all done.

The week before Christmas is the last time I worked on anything.  I painted my Recon Grenadiers for my Dust: Warfare Axis army.  These are my first completely finished troops which include basing.  I also chose to cover up the large cross on their chests and just go with the one on the shoulder.  The groundwork really doesn't look so uniform in person, plus I got some assorted tufts in the mail which I put on some of them.  Really breaks them up more.

Here's a shot of the backs.  You can see the little bushes better.  I think they look cool, but they are a bit brittle so they may not be a featured when I base the rest.

To a new year, and to more consistent posting!