Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PzAufklL. I-C "Hans" (Early Production)

I finally got around to finding my memory card today and so I charged up the camera and took some pictures of the walker I finished last week.  This is the early production Hans that comes in the Dust starter set which I split with one of my friends.  I primed this walker at the same time as I did the medium panzer walker and as such I did not have my new airbrush and did not attempt any color modulation.

Even still I don't think any of the colors turned out looking flat or too uninteresting.  For the chipping I mostly used a blister pack sponge piece to dab and a brush to add scratches and larger scuffs.  After that is a rather light highlight to look like the edge of chipped paint. I used a lot of AK Interactive weathering products for this model.  A couple of filters, the brown wash for DAK vehicles, and three of the streaking grimes. After the clear coat I add some MIG Productions pigments for a dusty finish.  Especially on the feet and lower legs.

Here's the front of the model.  The only thing I am unhappy with in these pictures is how the color of the grass shows up as really quite yellow.
More after the break.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back at it.

So, August went by with very little work on the hobby front.  I spent one night working on a warcaster and a talon light 'jack for our Iron Kingdoms RPG game and then put them aside due to a lack of drive.  After that I went ahead and finished my scratch built Neptune Frigate.

This only took a couple of nights to finish up, but it felt good to finish it up.  After that i started work on an orbital drydock for BFG, got it rough built and not much more.  Felt the need to paint something since I had just scratch built the frigate.

So, a couple of days ago I started working on my Hans light Panzer walker for Dust: Warfare.
The first night was spent doing the filters.  The second night I did chipping and some chipping highlights on all but the legs.  Tonight I finished up the chipping and went on to some washes.  I picked out all of the seams and corners and other details with AK Interactive's Wash for DAK vehicles.  This step is what really brings out the lines and actually helps the colors look much more interesting.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer slump

So, it's been quite a while since I last updated this blog.  This is mostly due to some of my other hobbies being weather dependent. I always have less time to paint in the summer but this is probably one of the longest times I have gone without painting anything.  Aside from having less nights to paint, work at the store picks up during the warmer months this tends to take my work ethic out at the knees.  Excuses... excuses

I finally picked up the brush again a few nights ago, but working with power tools and such at the shop has kinda messed up my hand.  I painted for about 5 minutes before the pain was too much and I had to stop.  Right now, I'm going to try and not use my hand as much at work and at home until it starts to feel normal again.

My gaming group is currently playing through a campaign for the Iron Kingdoms RPG and so I have ordered a model for my character and for his warjack.  Hopefully by the time it arrives I can get back to painting and put out a real update.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Battlefleet Gothic: New Table & Game Report

First up are a few close ups of some celestial bodies which I airbrushed onto my groups new space board.  It's made out of an 8x4 hardboard sheet cut in half.  Spray painted it black, added a bunch of stars and stuff then sealed it with gloss clearcoat.  It does tend to make it reflect the flourescant lights a lot, but it makes the black look so much darker.

First up is a nebula I painted from some images on the internet and it was dubbed by Kevin as the Blue Rose Nebula.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Death of Specialist Games

It seems over the last few days that a consensus has arrived; that GW is pulling all support from its line of specialist games.  The models they have in stock will be the last ones they ever produce.  If this news is true it's a pretty sad time for me as far as wargaming goes.  BFG was the second game system I ever tried and collected and I hold it on par with 40k as far as collecting and modelling goes. It's probably my favorite game to play and I had planned on continuing to expand my fleet in years to come. Instead I had to try and get what I could from my wish list.  Already a list I cannot complete, since some entries were not available this morning when I made my last order.

If this whole thing turns out to be true and I finally get casting supplies then I will probably continue collecting by producing my own models.  Add to that my scratch builds and I suppose it will be okay.

It's just sad to see such great games given the axe.  I've played BFG, Mordhiem, and Necromunda and they are all well built and fun games.  If entire companies can survive making similar games, then why can't GW support them?  Probably because they would need to acquire new resources and refresh them all, which would require them to cut into profits for a time and make less money.  We all know that they looove money.

There are some other rumors that it's due to a planned relaunch, but with Forge World also dropping their specialist lines, including their own game Aeronautica Imperialis, I doubt  it.  A whole swath of great models will no longer be available to buy at will and for that we should all be a bit saddened. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Litany of Hate

My latest project is complete.  My brother bought this Modified Ryza Patter Vanquisher turret from FW last year and I bought the hull from a friend who was selling off his guard army.  As with most of my vehicles throughout the years I added another step or process in painting this one.  On the one side, it means this tank looks better than those which came before, on the other side, it means most of my tanks look slightly different.  The turret is where my new techniques which were mentioned last post can really be seen, as the hull's lines were muddled my old paint which I could not get to come off.

Now, with what I learned on this tank I can make my next one look better, hopefully.  All of the filters and washes and such dulled out the modulation a bit more than I expected them to, so next time I will probably make the bright tone a little lighter.

Here it is, the Leman Russ Vanquisher Litany of Hate:

They see me rollin, they dying.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WIP: Vanquisher

Finally decided to start painting one of the Forge World turreted Vanquishers that I got last year.  Using this one as a testbed for some new techniques and thus a whole new sequence of steps in painting my armor.

The steps I go through will be
-Base color
-Decals & Scripting
-Pick out details
-Clear coat
-Powder pigments

The steps that are added with this tank are the color modulation, filter, washes, and streaking.  The modulation was made possible by my new Badger Anthem aribrush which I mentioned in my last post.  The latter are all made possible my AK Interactive's weathering line which I found at a local hobby store, Section 8 Hobbies.  They are all spirit based and thus allow plenty of time for clean up and add the ability to apply and then dilute and streak with the solvent while on the model.  I got this hull painted and stripped it as best I could, but it's still come out kinda rough with a few details with too much old paint.  The washes have allowed me to bring the lines out much better than if I had not started doing all this extra work.

As of right now I am on the streaking grime step, which is completed on the turret and the hull I will get to tomorrow.  Really glad I found these products, they really make the vehicles come out so much better with just a bit more effort than I already put into it.  Another new technique I used was doing the chipping with a sponge.  Overall, I think that technique worked out great on my Dust walker, but not as well on this.  I think it's better suited to light colored armor. For future IG tanks I will use it, but as a secondary effect to my brushed on chips and scratches.

Of course, it's not complete without an addition from the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer.

I think my next project is going to be the repainting of my Baneblade, Zeal.  I was really happy when I first painted it, but as I have progressed so far it's time for an update.  Expect a finished summary of this tank this week.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

On the Workbench

It has been some time since I have updated the blog,  but that is not to say that I have been idle with regards to the hobby.  I just sort of lost steam with the battle reports, as I usually do.  From now on I will probably condense the reports into a single tournament summary post.  Once in a while highlighting a very good or close game with its own battle report.

The primary reason I got into this hobby is the building and painting aspect.  Being able to play with all of my models is really an excellent bonus to that and has become a larger part of my enjoyment. That being said I'd rather not turn the blog into a chore by trying to force myself into writing bat-reps and just write about what I do each week.

Several weeks ago I finally got around to painting some more Dust Warfare stuff.  First up is the first walker I have painted the Medium Panzer Walker.  I recently found out about a relatively new hobby shop a few blocks from where we game every week.  They don't carry much in the way of wargaming but they have begun to stock some Games-Workshop products.  They have an awesome collection of scale kits and a wide array of paints and weathering products.  I picked up the DAK weathering kit from AK Interactive, it includes a wash, a streaking grime, and a filter.  I watched a few weathering tutorials and ended up with what you see here. The filter helps modulate the base colors, the wash helps bring out the details, and the streaking grime adds streaks of washed down grime.  I also started using a fine sponge to add the chipping and then paint some some finer scratches here and there.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adepticon Style Team Tourny at Millennium: Game 1

Last Saturday was the monthly tournament over at Millennium games in Rochester.  This month it was an Adpeticon style team tournament.  So, my brother and I decided to team up and play Guard & Blood Angels.  The tournament featured a modified force org for each 2 player coalition member.  They used the Adepticon scenarios Road to Nowhere, Over the Top, and Doomsday Device.

Our lists were as follows:
Konrad: Imperial Guard 1000pts

Lord Inquisitor: Power Sword, Melta Bombs, & Camo Cloak
Elites5 Ogyrns: Chimera w Heavy Stubber
TroopsVeteran Squad: 3 Plasma Guns, Power Sword, Chimera w Heavy Stubber
Veteran Squad: 3 Melta Guns, Demolitions, Power sword
Fast AttackVendetta Gunship: Door Heavy Bolters
Heavy SupportManticore

Garrett: Blood Angels 1000pts

Librarian: Force Axe, Jump Pack, Codex Powers: Shield of Sanguinius and Unleash Rage
Furioso Dreadnought: Blood Talons, Melta Gun, Flamer, Drop Pod w Storm Bolter
Assault Squad: 10 Marines, 2 Plasma Guns, Power Fist
Assault Squad: 10 Marines, 2 Melta Guns, Hand Flamer, Power Axe
Assault Squad: 10 Marines, 2 Flamers, Hand Flamer, Power Sword

Our plan was to have him bring the disarray and close combat pain by deep striking all over the place and to have my Guard bring in the fire-support and backfield mobility with the vets and vehicles.  Also, the Ogyrns allowed me to have my own backfield CC support if needed.  In our practice game we faced a double Chaos list and ended up losing, so that put some doubt to our plans.  We decided not to change anything anyway, and just see how it goes.

GAME 1: Space Marines & Grey Knights

The scenario for the first game was called  Road to Nowhere and featured the Vanguard deployment.  The first Primary Objective was to hold table quarters, doesn't seem too bad, but you need a scoring or denial unit from each team member to score or deny respectively (15 Points).  The Next objective was Victory points with each scoring unit being worth 1 VP and each non-scoring unit worth 2 VP (10 Points).  Secondary Objectives were Slay the Warlord, First Blood, and Linebreaker, each worth 1 Point.  Each scenario featured a Twist of fate for each team member which could be used for a single reroll, a special effect, or saved for 1 Point.   This game the twist of fate allowed each team member to assign a scoring unit to capture a quarter on its own.  We each assign this to one of our troops, me to my Melta Vets in the Vendetta and my brother to one of his Assault Squads.

Our Opponents lists were:

Gray Knights:
Grand Master: Incinerator, MC Daemon Hammer, Blind Grenades
10 Purifiers: 4 Incinerators, 2 Halberds, Hammer
5 man Strike Squad: Psycannon, Razorback w psybolts & Searchlight
Fast Attack
Stormraven Gunship: Hurricane Bolters, Psybolt Ammo
Heavy Support
Dreadnought: Autocannons, psybolt ammo

Space Marines: Crimson Fists
Librarian: Terminator Armor, Storm Shield
Ironclad Dreadnought: Seismic Hammer, Hvy Flamer, Meltagun, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad: 10 Marines, Powerfist, Meltagun, Multimelta, Rhino
Tactical Squad: 10 Marines, Combi-Plasma, Plasmagun, Plasma Cannon
Fast Attack
Stormtalon Gunship: Twin-Linked Lascannon
Heavy Support
Thunderfire Cannon

So, we set up terrain as seen below.  For warlord traits we choose my Lord Commissar and I roll on the strategic column.  I get acute senses for our outflanking units, which is only my Vendetta. My brother and I got first turn and there is night fighting turn 1. Here is the deployment, there is a Rhino to the left containing a tactical squad.

In the movement phase I move up the Chimera with the Ogyrns to the columns, I also deek (deke?) the Manticore to get LOS on their deployment.  Garrett's drop pod scatters and ends up delayed.  Not much to shuffle around until more arrives from reserves.

Not much to do for shooting either, the right Chimera opens fire on the Tactical squad ahead of them.  I don't do any damage.  I then fire the Manticore at them and wind up taking 1 HP from the rifle dread and kill a couple of marines.

On their turn Andy's drop pod arrives but mishaps which allows us to place it. The Rhino on the left moves up towards us with the dread and the Knights in the center shuffle up a bit.  Shooting from the Thunderfire takes out 2 HP on the Chimera on the left and leaves it Shaken.  Not a lot of action this turn, but things are just getting started.

Turn 2 and the deep strikes begin.  Garrett puts 2 assault squads that arrived on the right side of their forces and the dreadnought on the left.  My Vendetta comes in and is positioned to fire anywhere inside of their deployment.

Garrett's Furiso fires at the rear of the Ironclad but fails to do any damage.  The manticore fires at their center again and kills the Rifle dread, as well as a hull point on the Razorback. The Chimeras strip 2 HP from the advancing Rhino.  The Vendetta fires at the Ironclad but also fails to inflict any damage.  Finally, the Assaut squads open up on the Grey Knights and Kill most of them.

For their turn the flyers fail to arrive and so they don't have much to move around. Tactical Marines shuffle around and the librarian's unit preps for assault.  The Crimson Fists Rhino moves up on our left flank and the Ironclad shuffles to engage the Furioso.  In the shooting phase they take out a bunch of assault Marines with the Thunderfire but Garrett passes all leadership and they hold fast.  In assault the Ironclad does a HP on the Furioso.

Turn 3 and Garrett's last assault squad show up to try to take out either the Thunderfire or the Tac marines behind the ruin.  I move up my Vendetta to try and take out the troops inside the Rhino. The Ogyrn Chimera advances with the same intent. In shooting, the assault marines on the left fail to do much and the ones to the right inflict a few casualties.  The Chimeras fail to pop the Rhino and so I have to use the Vendetta to finish it off.  The Ogyrns then fire at the survivors and all but 2 are killed.  The Manticore fires at their center again but only manages to strip a single HP from the Razorback.  In the assault phase we lose the Furioso to the Ironclad dread but the assault marines finish off the Crimson fist Tac squad leaving only the librarian and a few strike squad.

Their turn 3 is when things start to get painful, both of their fliers arrive!  The Stormraven heads for my manticore and drops off the combat squaded Purifiers, the Storm Talon heads for my Vendetta.  The survivors from the Rhino move into cover.  Shooting starts and the pain begins.  The Vendetta falls to the talon, failing all jink saves.  All but 1 of the vets inside are killed in the crash, but he immediately gets killed by  the razorback.  The Manticore is blasted by the Stormraven, but it got off 3/4 shots, so that is not too awful.
The Tac squad and Ironclad manage to take out some of the assault marines on the left side.  The Ogyrns lose their ride to I think the Thunderfire.
The other assault marines with the librarian manage to strike some vengeance and wipe out the strike squad, leaving their warlord alone in combat.  However the Ironclad locks combat with the left side RAS and only a few remain.

Turn 4 and we really don't have much to shoot so we don't do any damage.  The assault marines engaged with the Ironclad get caught again but do not die.  The ogyrns assault the tactical marines but end up fleeing.

On their turn they manage to pop the Vets Chimera as well as the drop pod.  The Ironclad locks up the Assault Marines... again.  They just can't get away.  However the Terminator Librarian is slain and we get the Slay the Warlord Secondary Objective.

In turn 5 the Vets shuffle up in the ruins and they manage to snapfire the Storm Talon away.  We also take out their Razorback but our output is too low at this point.  The wreckage comes down and and takes out a few of the veterans in return.
 In their turn the Ironclad finally finishes off the assault squad and the Storm Raven takes out a few of the marines from one of the other squads.

In the end we wound up with 3 points for getting all 3 secondary objectives.  Aaron and Andy took away 26  for taking both Primaries as well a linebreaker.  This game really went to show how influential fliers can be, zooming around causing havoc and destruction with little retribution.  Once their fliers were in they really started doing massive amounts of damage.  After this game we had some doubts about what we would be able to accomplish with this list, it was 2 straight losses if you count the practice game.  It was a fun game overall though, didn't feel overly lost and probably could have done some things better to ensure more units survived.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Destroyer Tank Hunter

So, I finally got around to painting up my converted tank destoyer.  I settled upon the name Armordillo.  This tank will be the lead vehicle for my 3rd Armor Squadron.  The other 2 tanks are FW turreted Vanquishers.  I used a couple new products on this tank.  They are AK productions panzer grey grime and concrete dust effect.  I used these to do some streaking which you can see in some of the side on shots.  Without further ado, here's the pics.

You can see the art I made on the barrel of an armadillo with a cannon in its back.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I don't really care for Ogyrns, I mean sure they endearingly stupid and naive but they're abhumans.  So, here's my solution so that I can use Ogyrns in my army; Mechanicus constructed Murder Servitors.  They're big, they're mean, they have guns for hands.  I built these guys a while back (over a year ago I think) and I finally got around to painting them thanks to an ongoing challenge.  My friend Kevin and I have agreed to paint 1 unit a week for the foreseeable future, barring and sickness or vacations.  If one of us fails to complete something in a given week, then we owe the other $20.  The first week I painted my Recon Grenadiers and he finished his Cygnar Stormwall.  Last week he painted his Mordhiem Warband and I started these guys.  I did not get too much done and wound up owing him 20 bucks.  This week I spent 4 nights working on these guys and finished them!

Here they are ready to murder your troops!

All that skin and muscle detail is the reason they took so long, I will say that I would never want to paint an Ogre army...

That's it for now, next week I am going to try and paint my rebuilt Mordhiem warband.  Last time I used Empre State Troops. I wanted a grittier look so I have remade them using Empire Militia and Empire Greatswords.  I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not dead, but I am in Mordheim

My brother and I have not worked on much in a while, so tonight we got the balsa planks he ordered out and made up some terrain for Mordheim.  I made the stilt bridge in the middle and the barricades beneath it and he built all the crazy boardwalks.  We use these to connect terrain pieces while we place, usually buildings and usually only when we play Mordheim.  It just needs some wood stain and it's all done.

The week before Christmas is the last time I worked on anything.  I painted my Recon Grenadiers for my Dust: Warfare Axis army.  These are my first completely finished troops which include basing.  I also chose to cover up the large cross on their chests and just go with the one on the shoulder.  The groundwork really doesn't look so uniform in person, plus I got some assorted tufts in the mail which I put on some of them.  Really breaks them up more.

Here's a shot of the backs.  You can see the little bushes better.  I think they look cool, but they are a bit brittle so they may not be a featured when I base the rest.

To a new year, and to more consistent posting!