Friday, March 9, 2012

Tournament Tomorrow

So, tomorrow I will be heading to Rochester and Millennium Games to have some fun playing in the monthly 40k tournament.  It's been quite a while since I was last able to attend one and I am greatly looking forward to it.  The format is sort of weird, you have one main army list of 1350 points and then 2 side boards of 500 points each.  You only use one of these at a time so the games will be 1850pts.  I have a rather large amount of my models painted so I was not worried about having to paint too much in the 3 days I had to prepare.  I ended up having to paint one of my Chimeras and rebase my squad of psykers and a few mixed leftover troopers who were passed over in the first go.

Wednesday I painted on the camo scheme and did all the black metal bits and dry-brushing.  Yesterday I did all the details; view-ports, weapons, slogans, emblems and decals.  Today I did all of the weathering; scratches, battle damage, and pigment dusting.  I also did the rebasing which was required while the matte varnish dried.

Overall I am very happy with how this model turned out,  I was able to match the camo scheme of my other Chimera pretty well and still had all the required colors.  I'm just glad I took the time a few weeks ago to airbrush all my unpainted vehicles base color.

So here are some pictures of Chimera No. 144 'Iron Duke.'  The first shows the model with the Forge World armor upgrade.

The next is without the extra armor.  It's just magnetized and pops on and off really easy.  I put little tabs of paper on the magnets of the extra armor so that they don't scratch the paint off of those drilled into the Chimera's Hull.

Lastly here's a shot of the troops taking to the field, 2350 points barely fits onto my display and my Vendetta is absent from this shot, though it is in the list.

Let's hope the Emperor provides.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


What's this? You're ruining a perfectly good Leman Russ?

Well no, not exactly.  The basement we game in is full of models, I mean full.  There are thousands of them all over the place down there on the tables, on shelves, on the floor.  It's complete madness.

So there was this Leman Russ hull just sitting there unused and $12 later it was mine.  I always wanted to make a Destroyer tank hunter and figured this would be my best chance.  After a couple of nights of building this is where I am.  Still some wet milliput to dry and a bunch of sanding to do today.

Need a gun-shield and plenty of greeblies and bits here and there.Some stowage, maybe some ablative armor panels.
Stay tuned.