Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hell week.

Four exams this week at school. Two of them in classes which I have trouble with. At least they're all on different days this time. I'll be studying quite a bit all week, as well as doing assignments for other classes. Good news is this will probably be the last really terrible week this semester since these are all 2nd midterms and 3 of these classes only have 2 midterms. Tomorrow morning is registration for next semester, I have to figure out what the hell I am doing by tonight so that I can wake up ready for that stress filled half hour of trying to force my way into call in or online registration.

Next week will be better, no exams, only a little bit of homework, NCIS resumes, and CoD: MW2 is released on Tuesday the 10th. Next Friday, the 13th, is also my brother's birthday, so I'll have to get something for him.

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