Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Squads Ready for War

So, after a rather long hiatus I have finally finished some work on two squads of troops for my Imperial Guard army.  I decided to work on two squads at once this time, a batch paint of 20 guardsmen.  It ended up taking much longer than I expected since school started and Space Marine and Gears came out.  All told I think that I put about 10 nights into working on them for times varying from 1-3 hours.  Tonight I finally got to finish basing, naming them, and painting on their unit numbers.  My citadel clear coat has died on me, seems like the propellant went bad, so I went with 2 coats of Testors Dullcoat.  Their names and ranks have been recorded in a roster I made up on my computer.

First up is my latest Infantry Squad, led by Sgt. Zack Haislett.  Prettt basic equipment.  They've got a flamer, voxcaster, and a few have some krak grenades as well.  The flamer is from a catachan box, one trooper has a Death Korps backpack, the Sergeant has a modified Space Marine bolt pistol and the powersword from one of the Commissars.  They are based some with just flocking and a couple have some Dragon forge bases.

Just a closeup of the sergeant with his powersword, bolt pistol, and even a purity seal.

I gave the guy throwing a grenade a potato masher which I got with some 1/35 German infantry a couple years back.

The RCO is holding the map that come with the Cadian Command squad sprues, I painted on a river, some streets, and some battle lines.  Time to call in some artillery support.

Next up is a veteran squad with 3 magnetized special weapons troopers and a catachan vox unit.

The guys with special weapons also have the option to be equipped with melta guns, I just did not take a picture with them.

Next I will just show the different arms I magnetized for the sergeant, I used a Cadian command set to make most of this squad, as well as some catachan legs to vary the poses a bit.  He has a las, bolt, and plasma pistol and either a powersword or powerfist.

I changed the pose of the arm a bit as I wanted him to be either rallying his squad or urging them forward.

Then there is the powerfist, it fits on the left arm usually but with a little cutting I switched it to a left arm weapon so it could just swap out with the PS.  I also added a wire because I felt it was missing something.

So, that is it for now.  Next I will either be painting my Chimera transports or working on some terrain that I have been waiting on.

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