Monday, January 23, 2012

Display Board

So, there is a local team tournament in February which I am greatly looking forward to.  It will consist of 2 player teams with 1000pts per player and follow adepticon rules for the most part.  My gaming group has met up a couple times now for practice games and I feel pretty confident about the lists my team mate and I have come up with.  So as you who follow this blog may have seen I built myself a display board early last year.  So now I am going to build one for my brother and as well as my team mate.  Below you can see what I have started for this team mate.

He plays Space Wolves and so this board will be some arctic wastes for him.  Got some nice ice shelves coming out of the ground and wotnot.  I included some raised platforms for heros/leaders as well.  There will be blood on the show here and there and room enough for a tight 2000pt list or plenty of room for 1k points.  It's the same size as my boards and I have posts showing I think up to a 2000pt list for guard fitting on a board this size.  It's tight but it still looks great as it seems like a flood of Imperial forces is moving through some city ruins or on this board an arctic waste.

As soon as I am done with this I will start work on my brothers.  All told they take about 2-4 nights to complete due to drying times of various products.  Which I don't like because I do not want to wait that long, but I have found out through making other terrain that this is the best way to do it.

Now, if you're truly interested I can probably built a similar board for you in close to any terrain type in various sizes.  To the best I could estimate it would probably be about 50 USD to build and ship within the continental US.  This is considering shipping, materials, and mostly the face that it takes a few nights worth of my time to do the work required for it to look good in my eyes.  If you are interested feel free to contact me via email at  We can discuss sizing, environment, extras, aesthetics, colors, what have you.  I will  probably not get a paypal set up right away unless I have a serious offer, and I may require a $20 non refundable deposit as, I don't want to go around buying supplies only to have someone not pay up in the end.  Again, these are estimates for a board similar to what the one above will be and the one I made for myself is.  Specific pricing may he a bit higher or lower based on size and details.  

The Emperor Protects.

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