Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It has begun.

I just published the first of my showcase pages.  This one is for First Platoon of my 14th Imperial Task Force, please check it out.  It's located on the side bar under the "About Me" section or here: 1st Platoon Showcase.   I spent a good half hour taking the photos and getting all the proper models together for the entire Platoon.  I am going to try and do another showcase this week.  I will post even unfinished squads and then update the photos as they are painted.  2nd Platoon still has a lot of men to paint as does the Specialist platoon.  So, all you watchers will be able to see what's to come and how I am progressing as a painter and collector.  I will be doing something similar for my BFG fleet, though I will be dividing my fleet into a few battlegroups to make the photos less clustered.  Once I finish painting all of my ships I shall take a group photo, which will be huge, which is what I though when I took the last one.

Thanks for checking in.

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