Thursday, July 19, 2012

Commissar Sebastian Yarrick

So, I had my third battle report from last weekend's event all set and ready to publish when blogger had a derp and decided to kill it.  So instead of spending an hour rewriting that I'm going to do a quick post on a model I painted today, you may have guessed who it was from the title.  It's Commissar Yarrick!

This is the first Special Character I have painted for my Imperial Guard army.  It's also the first Finecast model I dealt with, though I have a few more waiting for paint.  I really like this model and really liked painting it.  I'd say I probably spent about 4-5 hours painting him today.  Really like the way he came out, but really not that glad with the way the photos came out.  I think it's about time to get a new camera.  I may try and take some better pictures tomorrow.


  1. Ha hes fun to play against! Nice job with the paint as usual i hope to really step-up my modeling/painting with my current alaitoc tau/eldar project

    1. Thanks man. I hope to see your new stuff. I know with a lot of what you painted before you were trying to knock out quickly, hopefully this time you can take your time. If you've got any time with your son around. You still gonna redo all your nids with the tan washed skin and blue carapace?

  2. No gunna scratch that idea i think, i will not be speed painting anything anymore lol


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