Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have not posted in some time.

This is due to a couple of reasons, after my last update I spent the rest of September doing almost nothing at all hobby related.  October came along and I started to get back into it, but only slightly.  The gaming group's work schedules got shifted and for a time we were not playing that much.  The last part of October saw me jump back into the Hobby.

I finally, actually ordered and received my casting supplies.  I only need a gram scale and it will be a go to begin casting up my Light Cruiser and the legs for my Rough Riders.  I plan to try to sell the light cruiser to whomever is interested in buying it and scratch building some other Battlefleet Gothic ships and conversions as well.

Last week I was rather ill, but while it was tailing off and I was still away from work I began to work on some Battlefleet Gothic terrain.  I cut out 8 pieces of 3mm plasticard and painted them black.  Four of them I went on to airbrush to be dust clouds and the other four I turned into asteroid fields similar to those I have posted before.

Our group has been playing a lot of BFG lately and last week began a campaign.  I ran out of the charcoal gray craft paint I used on my painted ships some time ago and the stuff I could buy now just does not cover as well as the stuff I got 5 years ago.  So, I mixed up some black and some Vallejo Grey Green to paint my remaining ships.  Tonight I base coated all of the gray and the terra cotta of the prows.  I also added squadron markings to my escorts.  They lead ship has the marking on both side of the prow.  Lastly, I updated my fleet carrier somewhat.  I put it on a large base, added 2 lance turrets to the forward dorsal hard points, added sensors to the prow and underment.  It really looks better than ever before.  Right now I will use it as the Nemesis Fleet Carrier class from one of the old magazine issues.  I feel like it's a bit over-costed, but we shall see.

Now, you may be asking why there are no pictures.  Well, that's because I cannot find my camera.  This makes me sad too.  Hopefully it will be found soon and I can post pictures of all the work I have done and will be doing in the near future.

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