Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Death of Specialist Games

It seems over the last few days that a consensus has arrived; that GW is pulling all support from its line of specialist games.  The models they have in stock will be the last ones they ever produce.  If this news is true it's a pretty sad time for me as far as wargaming goes.  BFG was the second game system I ever tried and collected and I hold it on par with 40k as far as collecting and modelling goes. It's probably my favorite game to play and I had planned on continuing to expand my fleet in years to come. Instead I had to try and get what I could from my wish list.  Already a list I cannot complete, since some entries were not available this morning when I made my last order.

If this whole thing turns out to be true and I finally get casting supplies then I will probably continue collecting by producing my own models.  Add to that my scratch builds and I suppose it will be okay.

It's just sad to see such great games given the axe.  I've played BFG, Mordhiem, and Necromunda and they are all well built and fun games.  If entire companies can survive making similar games, then why can't GW support them?  Probably because they would need to acquire new resources and refresh them all, which would require them to cut into profits for a time and make less money.  We all know that they looove money.

There are some other rumors that it's due to a planned relaunch, but with Forge World also dropping their specialist lines, including their own game Aeronautica Imperialis, I doubt  it.  A whole swath of great models will no longer be available to buy at will and for that we should all be a bit saddened. 


  1. It's a question of scale of production, I think. They're now geared up in one scale, and the little quirky variations are just not in the same league...

    1. Indeed. It's just very unfortunate that this would be the decision they made. They chose profit over supporting the hobby... Again.


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