Saturday, June 26, 2010

Busy, busy.

Well then, it's been awhile. I have pushed the LAV to the back burner and in the meantime acquired a crap ton of new Imperial Guard models. 4 Leman Russ tanks and a Manticore to name the least. I have painted one of the Leman Russ tanks, along with some guardsmen. My Company commend squad, including advisers, is done. Also, I finished up my platoon commands. So, with this done, I have 4 vehicles and 93 infantry models to paint. I will be getting my special weapons squads done next, so subtract 12 from that total. Expect pictures soon-ish.

On another note, I have a great internship going at a flight research company. It wasn't supposed to be paid, but it is, 20 hours of pay max though for 40 hours of work. But at 10 bucks and hour it's still not bad.

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