Monday, March 28, 2011

Tournament Nears

Picture Unrelated, just some of my models in my display case at home.
     So, April 9th I will be going to my third tournament for this year, and in all time.  As with the other two I have attended it will be held at Millennium Games in Rochester, NY.  Only this time there won't be a snow storm and we wont end up in a snow bank. That was fun. It's okay, Jeep Wranglers have steel bumpers so there was no damage.  Here are the rules as posted at the daboyz forum.

Registration starts at 930 am

Points- 1850

Three rounds

Lunch after round 1

Format : Everything in your codex is considered 0-1 except troops.

Dedicated Transport 0-2

No named characters - This includes characters like Arjac.

Only 1 AV 14 in your army.

You can't take anything that modifies force org to make non-troop units into troops.

We will judge painting. There will be prizes for best painted HQ and Best painted vehicle/monsterous creature.

     To clairfy, you can only have 2 dedicated transports in your army, not 2 of each type.  It follows the standard force org, but you can only have 0-1 of each unit not 0-1 heavy total etc.  I believe you are allowed to take the units which may change the force org in their rules, but you cannot use that rule.

     This should be an interesting tournament and it will be neat to see what kind of builds people come up with.  At the other two tournaments most guard armies have gone with the mechanized melta vet spam which is to be expected.  For the second one, I myself partook and wound up 1-1-1 officially.  However the draw should have been a win, since for my own ignorance at the time I counted a 2 Tank Leman Russ Squadron as 2 kill points.  That game was against Spacewolves and was really a slugfest for both of us. So I should have been somewhere in the 3rd to 5th range, that was decided by dice off in the end. Alas I still got 5 bucks, and a good time, so it matter little.  I'll post further about that tourney next week.

     I've come up with a list more akin to something I would use in the past when playing in a more fluff like manner against my friends.  However I have taken into account what I have learned over the last few months and I think it should still be a competitive list.  We are going to have a couple practice games over the next few weeks so we'll see how that turns out.  I'll be posting my list and some battle reports after the tournament.  I wouldn't want any spies to know what to expect.  I will say one thing, beware the Sea of Bayonets, you had better know how to swim.

     I don't really know what to expect, but I think this list will leave me ready for just about anything.  Since painting is being judged I will need to scramble over the next 2 weeks to paint a few models, but mostly to finish rebasing those which I have not.

     Wish me luck comrades, though The Emperor Protects, I will need all the luck I can get for my cursed dice.

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