Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heavy Weapons Guys

Bahaha! Cry some more.

     Had to do some painting for next weeks tournament in Rochester as they are going to be scoring it.  I had two of these Lascannon Teams painted before, but not photographed.  The two older ones both have skulls magnetized to count their first wound.  I am out of magnets right now so the one on the left does not feature this yet.  I also have the autocannons and heavy bolters which I can swap out for the lascannons, but they are not painted yet.  Plus, I found this linked ammo in 1/6 scale 5.56, 7.62, and .50 which for 28 mm will translate well from autocannon up to something heavier.  It will be great to have this type of ammo for my autocannons.

     Next I have the missile teams which I wrote about in an earlier post.  They're all painted up and named.  I prefer missile launcher teams to be on small bases, but just to be more in line with the rules I made some 60mm bases from plasticard and air-drying sculpter.  They just pop in and out right now, but when we get more magnets they will be magnetized.  They fit pretty tight and it scratches the small base a bit to remove/insert them, but I will be able to fix this when I magnetize them.

     I also got all of the rebasing done for the army which I am taking to the tournament, which after last weeks playtest has been changed.  It really did not do well in its origional form,  I lost to my brother's Blood Angels and then to my friend's Space Wolves.  I'm going to be playing with my new list this week and I really think it's going to do a lot better than the last one.  We'll see.

     On another note I got a Dreadknight for 40 bucks at the local hobby shop.  It's 4 inches as built by instructions, but that's not as I am using it.  I plan on converting it into a Knight Titan, and it should stand about 5.5 inches when I am finished with it.  I will be adding some more bulk an height to the torso, and well as to the shoulders.  I have not decided if I am going to have the ranged weapon wrist mounted or to have it mounted as they do on the FW Titan kits.  I will be serioulsy bulking up the weapons provided to be more in line with a Titan weapon.  I'll also have to make up a set of rules, which should not be too hard.  This will be the start of the Legio Redemptus which is the Titan Legion my friend and I are planning on starting.  I'll be getting one or two more Dreadknights to convert in the future.  I'm also planning on buying a Reaver Titan *at some point.*  My friend is going to start out with a Warhound some time this year, then maybe another next year.

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