Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hobby update

So, I got a couple gifts from my brother which will help me expand my armor contingent.  Namely 2 Forge World Vanquisher turrets!  On the left is the Ryza pattern turret and on the right is the Gryphonne IV pattern turret, all nice and fresh in the bag.

Here they are all laid out.  The quality on these two is pretty great, the only issue is the barrel on the Ryza turret.  I can't wait to work on these.  I am getting the hulls from a friend of mine who is selling off his guard. I will probably use those turrets to make some sort of defensive positions of some sort.  These two tanks will be grouped up with the Destroyer to be a tank hunting squadron and will be my third Russ hulled squadron.  Another thing that makes me happy.  More armor to throw at the foes of mankind.

A note from a hobby I am just beginning, I also got this just today, it's a Horizon Hobby Super Cub!  This will be my first RC airplane.  It's a trainer and came with everything you need and I cannot wait to go fly it.  Eventually I will be able to upgrade it to have ailerons and go with 4 channel control.  But for now I must learn.  I may plaint it in some form of WH40k theme.  Nice matte gray, some Aquilas etc.

Lastly another hobby of mine, I recently redecorated my aquarium.  Really like the way it turned out, so just enjoy that there.

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