Wednesday, March 4, 2015

BFG: Mechanicus Battlecruiser

Another Battlefleet Gothic update, this time with a Mechanicus ship.  I've had this model for a very long time and it's been primed black for years but I've just recently painted it up.  I painted it shortly after I completed the two Imperial cruisers and stuck with drybrushing and washes.

If I remember correctly it's modeled as a Mars Class Battlecruiser, appropriate, I suppose.  I put a bit more detail into this one to make it more characterful.  There's also a bit more contrast between components than with my Navy ships.  The Mechanicus sigil on the sides of these ships is a great touch from GW.  I came up with the name Voidfarer, as I did not want something that really made it sound too much like a warship.  It's actually named after my extrasolar probe I made in Kerbal Space Program to escape the sun.  A true explorator.

More stripe markings on this one.  They just add a nice bit of flair.

I added a cog-wheel pattern around the sigil on the front.

I also tried out some heat scoring on the engines.  I do like how it looks though I am not truly sure whether or not to implement it on my Navy vessels. 
That's all for today.

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