Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WH40k: Ministorum Priest

With the release of the new Imperial Guard codex, priests got a bit better for sure.  This model is my brother's priest from an Inquisitor campaign we did years ago.  I agreed back then to paint it for him.  It may be hard to tell, but the robes are wet-blended brown like a monk's robes.  It actually started out as a rusty red but the years showed their wear and it was really chipped.  I could not match the color and I was about to paint a Techpriest next so I switched it to this brown.   This model really was nice to finally finish painting after almost 6 years.  

His name is Fr. Raul Santiago and back in the campaign he had quite the penchant for being set on fire.  Poor guy.

The chainsword is still as it was when I first painted him years ago, as is the book staff.

He has a lot of nice details on the backpack.  All sorts of weapons and gear and books.  Lots of books.

This set of pictures really shows that I need to upgrade the lighting I use or upgrade my camera.  Or both.  We will see what I buy first.

The Emperor Protects!


  1. I love this sculpt and really need to paint up my own one.

    Like the detail in the book - well done.

    1. Thanks. This is my favorite of the priest sculpts as well. Really looks like a well armed pilgrim to some emperor forsaken battlefield.

  2. It's the lighting, trust me. it's nearly always the lighting :)

    1. My worklight used to do the trick, but I think the bulb is beginning to lose it's luminosity after all these years. I've been meaning to get a daylight light for awhile for both pictures and to work under because I hear they show the colors much more nicely than what I've got. So we'll see maybe someday I will have a post with nice pictures and we will all know I finally upgraded my lighting.


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