Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dust Warfare: Frontoviki

More Soviet infantry this week.  Again these were painted in late 2014, I just never took pictures.  These guys are a Soviet Battle Squad.  Frontline infantry, but they come with some decent firepower in the form of their 2 machine guns.  They are not Red Guards like the last unit I posted, so they are equipped a bit differenty.  Most noticeably their armor looks different, but also they wear a simpler and more utilitarian looking uniform.  I went with a Soviet styled amoeba camoflage for their coveralls and Russian Green for their helmets and armor.  I started chipping the armor with sponges on this squad and went back and did it on the Red Thunder.  I still need to do so to my Axis units as well.  

I've got 2 continual complaints on the Dust infantry models.  One is the soft plastic and the other is a lack of detail in most of the facial sculpts that makes them a bit difficult to paint.  I do enjoy the overall look of most of the units though, so I am more than happy to deal with these two, perceived flaws.

Sergei says shoot that way.

Unfortunately, this could be my last post on the blog.  It takes a lot of extra time to take so many photos and I've had less time for the hobby in general.  It's been a nice ride anyway.


  1. I hope you can find the time to post as I do enjoy reading and seeing other people's painting progress. But I understand your enjoyment needs to come first - don't get burnt out!

    1. I made another post for today. That last bit was just my April fool's joke!


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