Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WH40k: Aegis Defense Line

All that infantry needs some protection, so I've painted up my Aegis Defense line to help keep 'em all alive.  I have not used this set too often, but I really like the look of it and the quad autocannon.  I think I put this together and did all of the modelling work some time in 2013.  I went and did a lot of battle scarring and added a bit of details to the set to make it seem more unique.  Most notable on the walls I've used plasticard to show some of the shutters as being closed.

I spent a lot more time painting this than I had planned.  For terrain I usually just try and keep it simple.  I ended up doing all sorts of washing, grime, and pigments.  I think it was worth it.

More pictures after the break.

Quad gun, with armored shield.  Gotta keep the thing firing.

I added a sun screen over the top and sides of the control console.  The gunner needs to be able to see the screen after all.

These two sections had penetrations that were then repaired. I painted on little ID phrases telling where on the wall the patch was meant for.

I painted some mottos on the inside of 3-4 of the sections as well.

Wall ID markings.  Wall 73 section A.  


  1. Nice touch with the little details!
    The shield on the quad gun looks really cool too. Great job!


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