Sunday, April 14, 2013

On the Workbench

It has been some time since I have updated the blog,  but that is not to say that I have been idle with regards to the hobby.  I just sort of lost steam with the battle reports, as I usually do.  From now on I will probably condense the reports into a single tournament summary post.  Once in a while highlighting a very good or close game with its own battle report.

The primary reason I got into this hobby is the building and painting aspect.  Being able to play with all of my models is really an excellent bonus to that and has become a larger part of my enjoyment. That being said I'd rather not turn the blog into a chore by trying to force myself into writing bat-reps and just write about what I do each week.

Several weeks ago I finally got around to painting some more Dust Warfare stuff.  First up is the first walker I have painted the Medium Panzer Walker.  I recently found out about a relatively new hobby shop a few blocks from where we game every week.  They don't carry much in the way of wargaming but they have begun to stock some Games-Workshop products.  They have an awesome collection of scale kits and a wide array of paints and weathering products.  I picked up the DAK weathering kit from AK Interactive, it includes a wash, a streaking grime, and a filter.  I watched a few weathering tutorials and ended up with what you see here. The filter helps modulate the base colors, the wash helps bring out the details, and the streaking grime adds streaks of washed down grime.  I also started using a fine sponge to add the chipping and then paint some some finer scratches here and there.

On the flat plates you can really see the effect of these products.  They help break up the monotony of the flat colors and make it much more interesting to look at.  I still use my set of pigment powders to dust it up, especially the gun muzzles and around the feet.  In the first two pictures it's set up as the Ludwig which boasts dual 7.5cm guns.

Here are a couple of shots of the other 2 variants that come with the kit.  This one is the Luther, which has an autocannon and a close combat power clamp.

The last variant is the Lothar which is an artillery unit.

Next up is my second squad of Battle Grenadiers.  I started making more of the guys have the fall camouflage, I also lost the Iron Cross on their chests as I thought it was a bit over the top.  I started adding some chipping to their armor.  I did this on all of the units I had already painted in addition to finally basing all of them.

After those were done I took an easy week and painted up a squad of Sword Frigates for BFG.  I named them Sabre, Gladius, and Claymore.

My most recent project has to do with a new game we are starting, Infinity.  I decided to start Arianda and picked up a starter and a few other models.

Here's a Zouave from the starter.  He's more of a spec ops kinda looking soldier to I gave him non-standard pants to try and convey that.

Here's a Veteran Kazak, they're a heavy infantry so they have good armor, better weapons, and of course better stats than other infantry.

This guy is a Tankhunter and he's got a bad-ass shoulder fired autocannon.  This weapon is a beast in game, if you hit then it is almost certain that the target will die.

Here are my Line Kazaks, I got an additional set with the starter so I did not have to use the awkwardly posed female model.  I did a few conversions on these guys.  The hats for the guys on the right and the sniper rifle are not standard.

Lastly here's a Scot, they are the close combat troops available to me.  He originally has a shotgun in both hands, but I thought it looked better with a sword so I added one from my fantasy bits.

The best thing so far is the new airbrush I got this morning.  Next week is my birthday and so this is what my brother bought me, a Badger Anthem 155.  It's really great, leaps and bound ahead of the Testors Aztec which I had used before.  I can't wait to really get to start using it on more projects.

After a bit of practice with the anthem I decided my project for this week would be one of my Forge World Vanquishers.  This will be my first tank I will be doing color modulation on.  I also picked up the AK Interactive set for Panzer grey vehicles to use on all of my future Guard tanks.

So, that's what is up in my neck of the woods, lots of painting, and expanding of my technique and materials. This is the type of thing that keeps me going in this hobby, always improving and making things look better than the last project. Also started trying to figure out how to make my pictures look better by changing up my lighting and the after editing.  Let me know what you think.


  1. A whole host of different things aye. These are all excellently painted. Excited to see the next pieces.

    1. Thanks man. Should have the Vanquisher done this week.


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