Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back at it.

So, August went by with very little work on the hobby front.  I spent one night working on a warcaster and a talon light 'jack for our Iron Kingdoms RPG game and then put them aside due to a lack of drive.  After that I went ahead and finished my scratch built Neptune Frigate.

This only took a couple of nights to finish up, but it felt good to finish it up.  After that i started work on an orbital drydock for BFG, got it rough built and not much more.  Felt the need to paint something since I had just scratch built the frigate.

So, a couple of days ago I started working on my Hans light Panzer walker for Dust: Warfare.
The first night was spent doing the filters.  The second night I did chipping and some chipping highlights on all but the legs.  Tonight I finished up the chipping and went on to some washes.  I picked out all of the seams and corners and other details with AK Interactive's Wash for DAK vehicles.  This step is what really brings out the lines and actually helps the colors look much more interesting.

Next I will do some more weathering and then hopefully go on to paint some of my SSU forces or even some Imperial Guard...
"Let's go!"


  1. That home made BFG ship looks brilliant. I'd love to try that sort of thing but have no idea where to start. How do you get the shape of the front hull like that?

    1. I make the top, bottom, back, and center shapes out of plasticard and then fill it with milliput. Other than that just buy a mix pack of plasticard or whatever styles you like.


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