Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PzAufklL. I-C "Hans" (Early Production)

I finally got around to finding my memory card today and so I charged up the camera and took some pictures of the walker I finished last week.  This is the early production Hans that comes in the Dust starter set which I split with one of my friends.  I primed this walker at the same time as I did the medium panzer walker and as such I did not have my new airbrush and did not attempt any color modulation.

Even still I don't think any of the colors turned out looking flat or too uninteresting.  For the chipping I mostly used a blister pack sponge piece to dab and a brush to add scratches and larger scuffs.  After that is a rather light highlight to look like the edge of chipped paint. I used a lot of AK Interactive weathering products for this model.  A couple of filters, the brown wash for DAK vehicles, and three of the streaking grimes. After the clear coat I add some MIG Productions pigments for a dusty finish.  Especially on the feet and lower legs.

Here's the front of the model.  The only thing I am unhappy with in these pictures is how the color of the grass shows up as really quite yellow.
More after the break.

You can see I added a little motto to this side and also I added extra leaves to one side of the fallen log as if the wind is gathering them there.

On the rear you can see I added a bit of stowage.  A large metal container for tools perhaps and a large tarp.

The left side, showing a small sapling about to be crushed my a German war machine.

There you have it, another model for a game no one will play with me...  It was really enjoyable working on this walker and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Can't wait to paint some of my other German walkers, but with my new airbrush.  I should be able to achieve modulation as well as crisper detail on the camouflage lines.

Family photo.
Lastly I will leaver you with a shot of my current project a KV-47 A for my Soviet forces.  So far I have cleaned up the mold lines, done my base color and modulations, applied decals and have added the first step of chipping.  Tomorrow I will probably do the chipping highlights and perhaps begin to do filters and washes. I bought a Vallejo Model Air set for Russian Green armored vehicles to use on my SSU armor and am very pleased with how it worked out.  The coverage is very nice in my airbrush and it does not require much dilution, if any.  I diluted the paint about 4-5:1 paint to water which I hoped mostly will add to how long the bottles last me.  Even still i only required maybe 1-15 drops of paint for the base coat and perhaps 8 drops of the highlight and lowlight colors.  Despite being smaller bottles I think they will last me a good amount of time.

On a side note, flickr has really increased its services.  You now get 1TB of storage and they have an in browser photo editor all for free.  The editor is really nice as the UI is much better than what you get from Windows and it has quite a few features.  There's even an app for the editor for iPhone which you can link directly to your flickr account.

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