Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Knights of the Order of Thanatos

Yet again I have to introduce a post after such a long hiatus from the blog.  It's been quite a while since I have updated this blog with the idea of re-shooting my model collection.  That has not happened, but I have not been idle.  As I mentioned back then I did repaint my Baneblade, Zeal, though I failed to take any pictures until today.  In the meantime the release of the Imperial Knight kit by Games Workshop really got me fired up and into painting mode.  My friend Kevin and I immediately decided to order some of them and I would paint them to match.  We've always wanted to start a Titan Legion, but have never spent the cash, so this was a pretty awesome second chance.  We each ordered a Knight and I also ordered a Dreamforge Leviathan, not knowing it would be far too large to join our Knightly Order and will instead he the founding member of a Titan Legion.  In exchange for painting his Knight, Kevin paid for some of my order and also got the expanded decal set.  Three months later and I have finally kept up my end of the bargain and finished the Knights.  Not for lack of effort though as April was the only month I really did not work on them.  But we are going to have an Apocalypse game soon and I really wanted to have them done for that, even if they will be on opposite sides of the conflict.

Without anymore senseless blather, here they are, face to face, ready to fight.

The Imperial Knight is a really fantastic kit and a dream to build and paint.  The only thing I would ask for is a bit more freedom in the legs.

More after the break.

Here is my Knight, Tier Morder, complete with plasticard power sword.

Left side view, better showing the sword arm, it is called Foebreaker. I made it interchangeable with the stock chain weapon.  Both Knights can be configured with either ranged weapon and either the custom CCW or the stock one.  The skulls on the leg represent kill markings.

The rear of the Knight, you can see the serial number and date and location of manufacture on the back of the carapace.

The right side showing the giant Aquila,  it really went on much easier than I expected, but was still a little bit of a challenge.

The top of the carapace showing the sigil of The Order of Thanatos, our knightly house.  It is a raven clutching a severed eye in it's beak.

The name means "Beast Killer" in German.

My pilot, Werner Koenig's, familial sigil.  "Actions not Words"

On the right leg is written the entire Litany of War as seen in the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer.

Kevin's Knight Fortis Apri.  A bit less refined in it's choice of weapons here, it opts for the close and dirty kind of load out.  

What kind of self respecting Knight pilot does not want a giant power fist?  This one is called Fear's Bane.

If you go to the first picture of this knight you will see ABRITE on the reverse of that blue panel on the base, it's meant to be a piece of Adeptus Abrites vehicle that was blown off and then co-opted as a barricade.

I added a bit of heat ?scoring? to the GIANT MELTA CANNON.  Damn this kit is pretty huge for standard 40k.

Detail shot of the top.  The hatch to the left has a decal that says "Combat Field Pack" which is meant for this to mean the pilot's survival kit if he has to dismount.

In latin it means "Strong Boar."  There is also a scar running through it's left eye.  

The sigil for this knight.  "Do Not Forget."

Close up shot of the power fist, with some more kill markings for good measure.  I used plasticard, a plastic spoon, and part of a Chimera hatch to make this weapon.  

The saying that Kevin asked for on his knight's right leg.  Less involved than the wall of text on my knight, thankfully.  

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post.  You can look forward to an update for the Baneblade soon.  I already shot and edited all of the photos so it's just a matter of writing up something meaningful to go with them.  Until next time.

+++The Emperor Protects+++

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