Monday, June 30, 2014

The Baneblade ZEAL

The Baneblade, the pinnacle of armored warfare in the 41st millennium.  The stories tell of their might, a single squadron can hold off entire companies of enemy armor.  They are a rare beast these days, their loss is keenly felt and difficult to replace.  An entire war was waged to recover Commissar Yarrick's Baneblade The Fortress of Arrogance.

I got my Baneblade kit soon after they were released and painted it not much after that.  Over the last few years it was really showing its age, and I decided last year to repaint it.  I posted then that I was stripping it of its old paint and earlier this year I finally got around to slapping on a new paint job.  Zeal  is again ready to go to war for the Imperium and now I don't even have to only use it in Apocalypse.  Though the best part is seeing it with all the techniques I have learned since the last time I painted the tank.

Here it is now.

More after the break.

Here's a before shot.

All of the weapons were updated to my newer color set and I decided to go with a buttoned up crew.  I updated the heavy stubber with one of my 1/35 M2 Browning machine guns because they have a much nicer scale look to them and a cleaner silhouette.

Yeah, that's a lot of guns.

All of the filters, washes, and weathering took a long time on this tank there are a lot of surfaces to cover.

Cleaned up the back a bit too, I wasn't liking the fully rusted exhaust pipes, so I cleaned it up a bit by painting the mufflers gray.

I decided to forgo the command stripe on this tank and just add a company flag as I would like to buy a Shadowsword and use that as my superheavy command tank.

The commander of this beast is Colonel Fuller.  Right now he's comfortable in his command cupola with its 360 degree periscope array.

Cadian motto, first time really trying to paint on a script font.  I found a guide and some reference online and kept it open on my phone as I painted.

A final shot from another angle.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed another finished model showcase.  I'm still riding on a good swell of inspiration, so hopefully these will roll out more consistently in the coming months.  I've got plenty to work on for sure. I will probably do a tutorial for my weathering process in the next few posts, not sure which model I will use for this, maybe 40k, maybe some Dust.  Time will tell.  Thanks for stopping by.

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