Sunday, August 10, 2014

July-August Update

Been slipping on updating again, but not on working!  Since the last update I have been pretty darn busy!  I painted a bunch of BFG cruisers after I finished the Knights.  Then I built my Hydra kit, with a few added details and modifications.  After that I finished up my rough riders after I found some legs to use from Curious Constructs.  After that I finished up my Salamander Scout Car.  More recently I have been working on something special for BFG.  A dreadnought class vessel which will be called Triton, I'll hold off on pictures on this for now, but once I finish roughing out the main components you can expect a post.  Lastly I finally got some of the new Rebel fighters for X-Wing today and decided to try a new theme, sorta German Luftwaffe inspired color scheme.  You can see the test model on the Headhunter below, after the break.  

You can see in the rough rider pictures that the state of my workspace was in quite a rough way.  So, sometime in the middle of all this work I bought a new, bigger cutting mat and when I got home got inspired to clean up.  3 hours later, my workspace was larger and better organized than ever.  Still a lot of stuff on a small table, but it all has a spot now and I've really taken to putting it right back when not using it.

+++The blood of Martyrs is the keystone of the Imperium+++

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