Wednesday, February 4, 2015

BFG: Imperial Navy Reinforcements

So, the first post of the new year.  Happy 2015, even if I am a bit late on that.  As usual it's been far too long since my last post.  Though, I assure you, I have been busy on the hobby front.  I've been painting models from the whole spectrum of my collections.  I spent a good few hours taking photographs and editing them this week to try and pick up the blog slack.  I've got photos for about 11 posts all up and edited on flickr.  So I will probably write a few posts and then set them to auto publish some time in the future.  This will grant the illusion that I am actively updating this blog.  

Now the reason anyone is here, for pictures.  Well one picture.  These are a pair of Imperial Cruisers I painted up several months ago now.  They are both magnetized to be any of the cruiser variants.  For these two ships I tried a new technique in painting these ships.  Instead of picking out different details with different shades I decided to go with a drybrush and wash method.  I am pretty happy with how this worked.  It seems to look better than how I used to paint them.  Some other changes made are the addition of some markings, namely the stripe on the lower fin of one and on the weapons batteries of the other.  I've named these two cruisers Jovian Spear (left) and Infinity (right).

Hope you enjoy the new look of the ships, just trying to keep this game alive for as long as possible.  I still have plenty of these ships to build and paint since I stocked up right at the end, so don't worry about not having any more BFG to see from me.


  1. Very nice! And good for you for buying some before they stopped the sale of them. I left it too long and now have to hope for decent deals on eBay :/

    1. Best of luck with that. The only model I have had to resort to ebay for was a mechanicus light cruiser. It set me back 40 bucks. :/


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