Saturday, February 26, 2011

Battery Charged

First up some of the close ups which I promised before.You can see the light gray around the chipping. This was originally going to be codex gray, but that proved a bit too dark compared to the charcoal gray body. So I mixed 1:1 codex gray and skull white. I applied these chips and scratches quite liberally using a rather fine brush. Varying the size from as thin as I could up to 1 or 2 mm. On some I then painted on a 1:1 mix of Vallejo oily steel( you could use boltgun metal) to chaos black leaving a noticeable amount of the gray around the edge.
Here's a photo of the wording on the barrel of the battle cannon.
And lastly a shot of the rear of the vehicle.
And next are are few shots of my Valkyrie/Vendetta The Cadian Girl got this for my birthday shortly after the kit was released and painted it right away. There's a lot I could do better now a days but I am still very happy with this one. I magnetized the weapons early 2010, they were but pressure fit into the slots before, horribly unreliable. Lascannon come from the Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons teams and then some bits of sprue and plasticard to make a housing.
A view of the crew. There are also the door gunners, not pictured here, as well as a load master in the passenger compartment.
A view of the nose art. What's an aircraft without nose art?
And finally a view of the other side, I am really happy with the color scheme on this.
Also, in seeing other people's Valkyries I have noticed a lot of them are numbered 23.
At the last tournament I attended there were 2 other Valkyries there and both were 23.
How about you, did anyone else notice this?


  1. I'm lovin' the wording on the Barrel of the Russ.
    Nice usage of pigments to weather it!

    I think the chipping on the Valkyrie is a bit overdone tho', who's that tap-dancing on the wings? :)


  2. Thank you!
    And yes, I know the chipping is a bit overdone. That was my first real use of chipping on anything, and I knew right away it was a bit much. But it has helped me come to how I do chipping now, and my next Valkyrie will be more in line with what is seen on my newer tanks.


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