Monday, February 28, 2011

To Cleanse the Stars

First up for this evening a shot of my BFG fleet. Which I have called Battlefleet Vengeance. I started this fleet in early 2009, buying most of it discounted on ebay over the following few months. Throughout 2009 and 2010 I painted it between other projects and added a few more models slowly. I only get to play it rarely and my brother is the only person I know with a comparably sized fleet. It's a pretty fun game, and gets pretty intense, there's a lot to plan ahead for each turn. Torpedoes go flying, swarms of fighters and bombers are let loose, explosions everywhere. The damage done to ships is fun as well, each time there is a chance to critical, and when it does die, fun things can happen. Plasma reactors explode, warp drives explode, drift dead in the void...

There are nova cannons, which non-Imperial fleets know to hate. In the original rules you guess range, later on it was changed to a scatter. We like the idea of guessing, so that's how we always play it. Brace for bullshit. They hit hard. They make me happy and my foes sad.

Here we have one of the differently painted squads in my army, one which I have painted as Cadet Commissars. I always like the idea of Cadet Commissars running around with an army, getting their first taste of battle. These guys came out a bit glossy from the clear coat, it was the bottom of the can and never did dry just right. Overall I like the way they came out.

Last is another Leman Russ, Dueces Wild, this tank I painted in a little different shade of gray, kinda regret it now. I like the gray, but I would rather have it match the majority of the tanks.
I made the tank commander with a little bit of a gunslinger/Han Solo thing. The he avy stubber is actually a 1/35 M2 Browning .50 cal with a plasticard shield. As with the other tank this one is magnetized for multi-meltas, heavy flamers, heavy bolters, plasma cannons, lascannon, executioner cannon, battle cannon, and punisher cannon.

Just got an order in from FW with the small brass aquilas, improved comms array and the Commissar tank commander. I have another Russ to put the Commissar in, but I am not sure what I am going to use all of the aquilas or the vox for.

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