Friday, February 25, 2011


Here are a couple pictures I was able to snap off before my camera's battery exhausted tonight.

This is my most recently painted vehicle, the Tough Bastard.
This tank was made with the Leman Russ Demolisher kit. All the weapons options are magnetized and interchangeable. I converted the demolisher cannon into a regular battle cannon as I do not usually use the demolisher. Besides the regular Leman Russ kit makes for a pretty fine demolisher when the barrel inserts are not used.

This tank is the Leader of 2nd Squadron which is why there is a white stripe on the front.On this side of the tank is written His Will Be Done!
Since this is the squadrons command vehicle I added a few things to it aside from the marking.
You can see the spotlight and radar from the space marine vehicles, as well as an additional vox array from the scout biker kit.
The name of the tank is painted on the front, and on the barrel it reads;
God Emperor, guide the flight;
Watch the target;
Take the unworthy's life.
Quite sure this is called the Litany of True Striking from the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer.

Here is one last shot of the tank showing the other side. I make a lot of use of Mig Productions pigments in finishing my models. I really like the dusty look which comes from a light coat over the entire model. It's great for dusting the treads as well as for powder burn on all of the weapons.
I did quite a bit of chipping and other weathering on this model which cannot be seen in these photos. I did this using a lighter gray color for the first coat of the chip, and over this I used Vallejo oily steel mixed 1:1 with chaos black, leaving the gray exposed around the edges. The next vehicle I paint I will photograph the process as well as take some close ups of this one in the interim.

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