Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flawless Defeat

So, last week's crazy comp tournament went pretty terrible for me.  I ended up 0-3 with 2 massacred and one close game.  There were 18 players that day.  I'm not feeling too much in the way of writing about it, so I'll give some very basic summaries here.

I did tie for both Best Painted Army and Best Sportsmanship with the same guy. So, we ended up each getting 15 bucks and sharing both titles.  I used the money to help pay for a Cadian Command squad, which I am going to convert with some bits I've got into a veteran squad wit magnetized weapons options.

Game 1 Vs. Dark Eldar

This player had some beasts,wyches,  warriors, harlequins, a Venom, a Ravager, and a Raider.  Oh and a whole bunch of Jetbikes...
The Scenario was 2+D3 objectives, with table quarters.  We placed an objective in each quarter and one in the center.  I ended up winning the roll and chose this quarter as it had the best cover to line of sight ratio.  He reserved most of his army, so I spent the first turn shooting at his warriors on his quarter's objective.  I killed quite a few, his Ravager was out of LOS but I hit it with a Manitcore scatter, but his flicker field saved him.  He moved out on his turn an popped my Russ.  He also popped my Chimera moving toward the objective on my left.  Stranding some vets.  The vendetta dropped some vets on the objective ahead of me.  He brought in his harlequins turn 2 as well as a squad of Wyches.  The Harlequins did diddily, and the wyched cleared out the vets on the one objective.  The devil dog made popped the ravager in the center.  Killed some more warriors, and ran the vets to the leftward objective.  He got his raider and beasts in turn 2 they moved up on my right.  The vendetta was struck down and that's about it for his turn.  I get my devil dog to try and melta the raider and it fails epicly.  Lascannons kill the viper, rockets kill some wyches with fire on my target.  The manticore leaves the beast squad with no master and only 2 left.  He pops the devil dog  and makes grand assault.  2 squads of wyches go into my blob on 2 sides.  the Vets to the left are assaulted and destroyed.  By numbers alone one of the Wych units is taken out, but the other one takes out all but one of the blob's Commissars.  In the end I'm left with a Manticore with only a heavy bolter which is immobilised.  There were Dark Eldar everywhere....  I could not kill enough to make a big enough dent before the assault.

Game 2 Vs. Guard
This was the closest of my games and was also the most boring.  It was basically a slugfest, long range duel, but with little result.  Dawn of war, annihilation.
The only highlight of this game was my Platoon command with Commissar assaulting one of his veteran squads,  I wiped it out without taking a loss to my own unit.  They later got gunned down my heavy bolters.  The game ended up 7-6 in his favor, on turn 7.  The shooting was abysmal for both of us, the dice gods failed us both very much.  Had shooting been more effective, it would have been more spectacular and fun.


Game 3 Vs Orks
Spearhead 2 objectives+1st dead HQ
Orks, never played them before, this was my favorite one by far, something was always happening and something was always dying.  His Kustom force field allowed him to weather most of my arty against his vehicles, but they exploded only once they were already too close.  I may have killed his vehicles, but gork and mork was wit im.  He Waaghed pretty well and engaged almost my entire army at once.  His mega nobs took on my HQ and only the commander survived thanks to his 5+ invul.  In the end I had no vehicles left.  With only a plasma gun Spec Wep sqd and a platoon command, where as he had all 3 objectives and a crap ton of boyz.

Next month is 'Ard boyz style and my list is already coming along.  I played it against my friend and his Grey Knights last Wednesday and we drew.  I could have won, but waited one turn too long to break the armor Phalanx and advance some chimeras.  He's still got to get used to the army, so this week may be a bit harder to pull a draw.


What do you think?