Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Praise the Omnissiah!

 So, after a little bit more work here's the next update.  This one is up to date, as I just took these photos.  I have added a grille and some more sensors to the snout, as well as some steps and a handle for the hatch on the cockpit.  I've also glued on most of the kit's armor, though the shin guards are just snapped on for the photo.  It will be easier to paint with them off.  I still need to add some armor to the front of the thighs.
 I have added and armor shroud above the neck today, it's still a bit rough and needs sanding and some raised details.  The antenna is also new.  The ammo box on the Gatling cannon is magnetized so I can take it off when I use the turbo laser.  I plan on getting some of those linked ammunition that I had mentioned in an earlier post to have coming out of the box.

Just a bit from the back, added some engine bits from a scale car kit.  Nothing much to note here really.  The back already had a nice bit of detail.
And lastly the storm bolter on the sword arm.  It comes from the old, old Leman Russ kit.  The ammo line is from a stash I got from an old vietnam era huey kit I had as a young child.


  1. Thats awesome, you've really made it have a dynamic pose, impressive given how static the dreadknight kit normally wants to look.

  2. Thanks. Adding the extra segment to the leg is what contributed to that the most I think. The static looking form of the dreadknight was my least favorite part of the kit. As it's sold there's not much posing you can do.


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