Friday, April 8, 2011

Tempest - The calm before the storm

     So, tomorrow I venture forth from Buffalo to go to my third tournament.  Today was pretty good, the Sabres have won, and they've just made the playoffs by getting it to overtime.  I've finished everything to be ready for the tourny tomorrow, which uses the rules from my previous post.
First up, this is something I just decided to do tomorrow, a carrying and display board for my army.  I used a piece of hard board we had laying around and slapped it together after I finished the manticore.  The road is plasticard, the walls styrofoam and some ballast and sculpter for various heights. Primed it black this morning and painted it after classes.  Lots of pigments used for to make the road look just right.  The stripes were masked in and dabbed with yellow so the cover is not even and they look worn.  I made a couple little posters for the walls and that's about it.  About 5-6 hours of work all told.  Not too bad, I'm glad I decided to do this.

     I've wanted to build something like this for quite some time, primarily for something to take my pictures on other than a black piece of paper.  So, this tournament and the board being available made a great excuse to do this.
     That being said, here's the Manitcore which I finished yesterday night,   I have named it Tempest. I am very pleased with the results,  I used the same methods as in my last tank Tough Bastard, for weathering and in the color scheme.
     I will tell you that I would not want that thing pointed in my direction.  I added the sensor group over the heavy bolter from the Vehicle Command sprue from GW.  I thought it looked much better than that dinky radar dish.
Here's the other side where is reads "We live to serve" on the access panel.  If you can notice I pin hinged the ordnance officer's hatch so you can open it and see inside.
     I forgot to put the blue and white checker on this guy yesterday and I was going to do it today, but I totally forgot and packed it away already.  Alas, it will be done when I get back tomorrow.  All of the rockets have something written on them, as we know people like to give a friendly, or not so friendly message to those who they are going to blow to bits.  "Cluster Fuck" on one since the Storm Eagle rockets are cluster munitions.  On the next is PacMan eating up some dots and it reads D3 Wakka, considering he wakkas when ever he eats a dot(template). "From Cadia with love" and "The 14th was here" on the other two
I wrote the Prayer of Smiting on this vehicle, from the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer.  In case you cannot see it, it reads;

Spirits in the Machine, Reward our Faith, and Smash the target.
     Here is the ordnance officer's compartment, this is the only viable angle to take a picture from, but you can look around much better in person.  You can see Killroy is in there, ever vigilent.  There's also an Aquila, a bunch of random text and "Kill em All!"
     That's all for today.  I got to playtest my new list this week and it performed much better than the last.  My friend pulled the luckiest roll I have ever seen, pulling me off the objective with a unit that only reached me because he rolled a 6 for his consolidation.  Wish me luck at Millenium, I'll probably need it.  Expect some battle reports on Sunday or whenever I have time.  I'll be taking some pictures this time so maybe we'll get to see some other armies.

-The Emperor Protects


  1. The sons of Russ did not need luck to beat you. With bolter, blade, and fang we pulled victory away from your men. Though they fought admibrally, it was foolish of you to think you could defeat the Wolves of Fenris.

    P.s: being in good standing with the dice god didn't hurt :-)

  2. Thanks you, Commissar.

    @Khargoth, you forgot about the third objective most of the game, if it wasn't for that six I would have won. So damn your dice gods...


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