Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Titan Knight?

 So, last weekend I got started on my Dreadknight to Knight Titan conversion.  I cut off the mount where the Terminator sits, I also removed those ridiculous cylinders on the hips and ankles.  Then, I extended the torso by 3/4" using plasticard and plastic piping as a frame. After this I made some weapons, and mounted them to the elbow of the left arm.  The first one is some sort of turbo laser type of weapon, it can be seen above.  The next is a gattling blaster, seen below.  After that I got to work on the cockpit.  The first take can be seen in the first picture, but this was too big, so after cutting it down I remounted it below.
 I also used the servo arms for the overhead hydraulics to extend the legs and have them more resemble those of a Warhound Titan.  This brought the Height up to about 5 1/2"
 Since these photos, some more has been done, including the armor plates and details for the torso and cockpit.  I will update this with some of the new photos later.
So, please let me know what you think at this point.  I know the cockpit looks a bit disproportionate here, but we'll see when all the details and armor are added.  This is the smallest I can make it and still have it be reasonably sized for a crewman to sit inside. 
I will be drawing some stats at some point.
Comments? Criticism? Hate?

-The Emperor Protects


  1. Awesome. I especially like the legs. My only critique is that I would consider moving the cockpit back into the torso a bit. Have it sort of recessed into the torso I guess. That said, I have no idea what your armor plans are but I'd move it back and put heavy looking armor all around the torso.

    Looking again, I think it might also be good to have the torso bent forward at the waist, sort of hunched. You'd have to re-angle the cockpit, but once again, depending how you balance out the armor and details it will likely be fine just the way it is.

    Great work. This is about the best DeathKnight conversion I've seen yet!

  2. I was thinking about putting some sort of shroud over the shoulders to cover the gap of top of the neck. I think that's the best what for me to bulk this mofo up. I think you're comment has assured that I should do this. This would make the cockpit appear to be closer to the torso, without shortening the neck connection, which is already pretty short.

    Thank you for the nice comment. Expect updates later this week. Don't know how much I will be able to do this week, as I have a lot of schoolwork.


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