Thursday, June 28, 2012

New table, new terrain! [Part 5]

So, another week and some more progress on the buildings.  All I could really do was glue down some texture and so that's what I did.  Step one is to brush on some glue.

Step two is to pour on some flock and do it 12 times until all of the buildings are done....  It was rather repetitive and took a good amount of time to do this step.  I had time to do more work but the elmer's take so much time to dry that there wasn't time to prime once it was done.

This weekend I will get the priming done and then we will be trying out 6th edition or playing some more Mordheim. While I was working the rest of the lads were playing some Mordheim when this happened. Yeah, sort that out for yourself.  I tried to make the table pretty "tiltproof"  guess I failed...

Also, another a member of our group has returned to us after a while away from gaming.  He brought 2 Leman Russ tanks which I bought from him to use with my Forge World Turrets.  I need to strip them to repaint them so for tonight they are soaking in Simple Green.  This is the first time I am using it so I really hope it works out.  From what I understand it's the best way to strip plastics.  I am also going to strip my Baneblade for repainting if this proves to work out.

Stay tuned, next week should see some start to the painting of all of the buildings.


  1. It is the best way, I have tried everything from brake fluid to pinesol, simple green every time, I'll usualy let my models stew for about two days, agitaiting them atleast once or twice, then a good scrub with a denture (not regular toohth) brush under cold water. Make sure you really scrub off the simple green compleatly though, or your new priming layer might not adhear as well.

    Side note: mixing simple green in a 2:1 water solution is also a great way to clean up FW resin.



    1. I let the Russes soak for 24 and scrubbed them pretty well tonight. I will have to pick up a denture brush and try that. I used my dremel with a brush bit, worked pretty well but only covers a small area. Gonna soak the Baneblade for 2 days then.


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