Saturday, June 9, 2012

Building a Gaming Table [Part 5]

So, it's been a few weeks since the last table update but that certainly does not mean I was not working on it.  The week before last was just not visually productive enough to really warrant a dedicated post.
That Sunday began with the observation of some technical difficulties.  The resin shrunk much too much ended up looking like the picture below.  It lifted from the bottom in some places, shrunk away from the right side and lost much of its gloss.

The main work was applying the clearcoat to the table.  I put down three coats during the time I was there and used about a can and a third.  Each coat only took a few minutes to do but I waited about 30-45 minutes between each coat.  The matte finish was sufficiently matte and it did not alter the appearance of the table's surface in any appreciable manner.

After that was done I used some water based water effects to fix up the river.  I mixed in some green and brown paints to murk it up a bit, overall I actually prefer these colors to the original blue.  It really looks like an algae/waste filled river.

After I did that is when Kevin and I played our first game of Dust: Warfare, which has a battle report here.  These guys are my Heavy Recon Grenadiers watching over the bridge.

This last week began with some more water effects to texture what was done last week.  Next it was on to adding some static grass to the wasteland.  I used a dark green and a dark tan grass put down with some watered down Elmer's.  I mixed the two colors up and added them in different patterns to make it a little less uniform looking.

I left the big clumps until the glue is almost dry, the additional weight helps push more of the grass into the glue and helps more fibers get stuck well enough to give better coverage.

While that was drying I began work on the cup holders and my brother got to work on staining the wooden parts of the table.  Looks really nice.

Here's a closeup of the cup holders, gotta add some more support to the front and round the edges so that shins and drink holders are both better protected.

I also ended up adding some water to a few of the deeper craters.  I guess it has rained recently on the tableland.  It will help models stand better on them and help reduce tilts of the dice.

Here we are with the pretty much finished urban side of the board.

Now there's the wasteland, the excess grass has been vacuumed away and it's ready for some gaming!  We played a couple more games of Dust, but I can't wait to really play some large games over the entire thing.
There's still some work to do, but this table is pretty much done.  Most of the work time will now start going into upgrading our terrain set to be more practical and better to look at.

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