Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New table, new terrain! [Part 4]

Okay, some more terrain updates.  I spent the last gaming night working on the basing for the buildings.  I added some texture to all of the hardboard in the form of water putty.  I also added some bits and lots of rubble pieces. There are lots of buildings to work on...

Here's a close up of one which I incorporated an Aegis line piece into.

A shot of some more of the buildings.  I believe there are somewhere from 8-10 pieces.

So while I was going to do the flocking as well, the rest of the gang started a new Mordhiem campaign.  They needed a lot of the buildings for their game, because it's not Mordheim without buildings.  In order to keep working,  I decided to start working on the pews for the church.  Here's the test one I did with Andy's spare balsa sheets.

Then I cut out all of the parts for 9 more of them...

And got to assembling them all.  Here's a little gauge I made to make sure the legs were all the same height.

Then 10 finished pews appeared in the church.  The congregation was happy that they finally had someplace to sit as they worshiped the Emperor and the dice gods.  A statue from a LoTR set will stand in for some sort of saint and the altar will be made of 2 d6 dice which will get a wood top.

As the people were worshiping, some chaos folk cam in and shot the place up. How rude! On this side we have some flamer damage, bullet holes, and shotgun blasts.

On the other side there are more bullet and shotshell holes.

So there we have it, a church in a warzone.  Next week I will be flocking all of these buildings and perhaps priming them as well.  It's going to be a long process on these and I still have an entire list of other terrain features I want to add to the collection to update it.

-Raised Pipes
-3ft Defense Wall
-6x Tanks Traps
-6x Fences
-Scatter Terrain
-Supply Dump
-HQ Emplacement
-4x Emplacements

Plus some other random stuff I already started, like a small LOS blocking hill, a couple ruined vehicles, and an overrun lascannon emplacement.  Wish me luck.


  1. Damn dude you are ridiculously productive!

    That chapel furniture looks great as well.

    Keen to see some of it painted!

    1. I only get out there once a week so I try to cram in as much work as possible into that one night. I'm going to paint the stuff pretty simply. A base color, a dry brush or two, pick out some details, a little weathering, and a wash. Hopefully about 3 nights worth of work. The church will be an exception and probably get its own night. I need to do the roof and want to put some simple murals on the walls. Maybe even some stained glass in the windows, who knows. It will be the centerpiece building.


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