Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New table, new terrain! [Part 1]

So, along with constructing a new table to game on I will be expanding and updating our range of terrain.  What's the use of a pretty new table if the terrain you're using is quite rough around the edges.  A lot of what we use will still be good, but I will need to touch it up and re-polish it so to speak.

So, the first new piece of terrain will be this small rocky outcropping which should look nice out in the wastes/plains.  My friend gave me that old sentinel cockpit some time ago and I'm finally painting it up to use on this piece of terrain.  As it is we don't have much pure LOS blocking stuff, so that's why I made this in such a fashion that you can't place troops on it.

Here's a view from the other side, if you can zoom in you can probably see the pilot's head is a skull and his left arm is all bones from one of my brother's skeleton spearmen.

There's even a wee little well spring up in the top there. This thing was made mostly out of pink foamboard and some rocks, gaps were filled with air-drying clay, the same as I used on the table.  Painting the rock I started out with Vallejo Green-Grey dry brushed on there rather liberally, then I put on some codex gray which I mixed with black and finished with straight codex gray.  The grass is a mixture I made up using GW green and dry grasses as well as some of the old style flock mixed in.  I would put this down randomly and then add pure green or dry to other spots to get some variation.  The dirt and adhesive for the flock was some thick acrylic medium mixed with brown paint and watered down a bit.  All in all It worked well, better than many experiences I have had using elmers.  It dried a lot faster and saved me a step of painting the ground brown or adding some other surfacer.

The water was made with clear resin and I dropped in some green fuzzy stuff which looks like algae and some leaves which I also scattered all about. The grass is horsehair which was inserted with an old sewing pin and then trimmed to varying heights.

I've also got a trio of foam bunkers ready for cutting, painting, and basing once I get this one done.  There's also a bunch of foam terrain at Kevin's house which I will be painting up soon as well.

Stay tuned for more goodness.


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